A day of arseholes! literally

Not 1 not 2 but 6 calls today, one after the other wanting to lick my dirty sweaty shitty arse! whats going on people! all lasting at max 10 mins! waste of my fucking time! Today Iv have given up. That’s all I have to say!

Wank in shit!

Im going to take a massive shit, and you’re going to sit next to the toilet on the floor with your head tilted backwards, waiting for me to finish. When I’ve finished I am going position myself on top of your face, and you’re going to clean my dirty sweaty shitty arse your little toilet […]

It will cost you a new style

I have had calls before when guys say they wanna cum in my hair. I don’t get it. I was chatting to a chap today who said he thought my had gorgeous hair. So just in chatting mode not sexual. He asked if in real life I’d let a guy hold my hair, rub his […]


Ok guys if you’re squeamish, look away now! So I know what sounding is, but Iv never done it to anyone or watched anyone do it. The thought of it makes me wince. Its not a well know kink I don’t think, so for those who don’t know its basically inserting rods, either metal or […]

I will do anything, but not that he said

Sometimes I have to really work hard to find out what turns callers on when they don’t want to engage. Often I get callers who ring and think youre a mind reader. The worst thing any of them can say is “im into anything” grrrr so fucking annoying. I had this today. So to test […]

Hmmm fruit

Last weekend, my wife and I saw an Adam Sandler Movie on Netflix. It was called The Ridiculous Six, and featured a large number of well known actors. Now my Queen and I both like Adam Sandler movies. They often aren’t great cinimatic masterpieces, but they often are funny, silly, and have a nice message. […] […]