First of all i want to say everything i say in my blog is real, iv changed names ect to protect myself and the clients i work with. But other than that its a true account of my life working on a sex/cam line.

id like to explain how and why i got into this line of work, also who I am as a person.

Prior to this job I had a “professional” job, i earned a good wage and had a comfortable life. I was in a relationship, we planned a family, everything was good……

Then as so often does it changed, and i found myself a single parent. Stressed! doing everything on my own. So i made a decision, that if my child was only going to have one parent, id be there and the best parent i could.

I knew my life needed to be flexible and i needed money to support us. I tried a few online things first, like setting up a shop, or selling on ebay ect. But i didnt make much. Then a friend said try working on a chat line. Its easy (although you do have to be open minded) flexible and youre in control!

So two yrs later here i am! I quickly found that alongside being good at it, i found a niche in the more kink side of things ie me being dom and a giantess. So i thought id write this blog to give a flavor of it to you guys. Its also a vent for me to mull over my work and share what it means to be a chat/cam girl.

I should explain that I am dyslexic, so I am  sorry if I am  not a great writer. I am really doing this to keep an account for me.

hope you guys enjoy it xxx