How to follow me on new blog: well that’s if you want to hehe

Hi all, Iv noticed on the new blog if you want to follow me you have to do it at the end where the comments part is for now, I will try to change this tomorrow….me being the tech wizard I am and all lol

To subscribe you can do so at the bottom of each post on the left had side. You cant do it from the home page

If you already follow me I have migrated you so don’t worry x


8 thoughts on “How to follow me on new blog: well that’s if you want to hehe

  1. If you go to the reader and ‘manage followed sites’ and copy the URL onto the ‘Follow something new’ into the top bar then it will allow you to follow a non-wordpress site. I am not sure that you can have the same wordpress follow button on a non-wordpress site as we have had the same issue with The SafeworD/s Club. I think my submissy blog is marked as mature content as it doesn’t appear under the general wordpress things but it will show up on a tag search.

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      1. Does it make a difference though. I realised when I did the daily prompt last summer as my post never showed up. But it doesn’t seem to have affected things? Does it make a difference apart from that?

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      2. Well it means tags don’t get seen or if anyone searched of you in the bar which I have for myself I couldn’t find me! I disappeared practically! Have a look at the policy above it shows what happens


      3. Well the way I see it is if people don’t follow they aren’t interested in my crazy job and that’s fine. Plus they may not have been reading it as a follower anyway. I don’t want followers in want ppl who engage and read


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