Call termination

This hasn’t happened a lot but I did have to terminate a call today.

I listen to different voices everyday. I can remember everything about a regular caller within seconds because if their voice. I get used to judging people’s mood and feelings just buy their voice. But sometimes that’s a little more difficult. For instance it could be easy to think someone who might have issues with speech had been drinking or taking drugs.

Today’s caller was a person I couldn’t quite understand. He had a slur in his voice. So I had to ask a few questions to get some info from him, including where are you right now? Oh I’m in the beer garden of my local he said…..ok so now I know he’s been drinking and probably drunk. But I spend a minute more chatting just to confirm. He’s hammered!!!

I’m a bit stunned that he has called from a pub! In a beer garden that sounded pretty busy, no shy guy here then! I told him because I thought he was drunk I’d be putting the phone down. No I’m fucking not he said I could tell his tone had changed. Ok then I said. Tell me what this call is costing (there’s an automatic message at the beginning) I don’t fucking know you slut! He said

Dialing tone, but I caused it for a change. I don’t need that kinda bullshit!

8 thoughts on “Call termination

  1. I bet you were really upset it didn’t progress to him expecting you to meet him in real time and watch him glass a waiter.


  2. A little bit of alcohol could go a long way to making you lots of money! lol. It’s difficult to cum when you are flat out drunk. But you have principles and wanted to make sure the idiot wasn’t spending mine he didn’t have. Nor should you be abused for caring.

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  3. Puts a new slant on the midnight call to a girl after I’d been drinking ~ thank the Gods that I was always polite and fairly articulate ~ so I have been told.
    At times all guys can be a wazzock, but it sounds like your guy there is a wazzock all the time.
    I’m looking forward to your new site sweetheart. ❤ ❤ ❤


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