It will cost you a new style

I have had calls before when guys say they wanna cum in my hair. I don’t get it.

I was chatting to a chap today who said he thought my had gorgeous hair. So just in chatting mode not sexual. He asked if in real life I’d let a guy hold my hair, rub his cock with it. And then cum on it. He seemed like an ok guy. So I didn’t fake my reaction……like fuck I would I said laughing. Do you have any idea how long it takes to do my hair and you think I’m gonna let some guy cum in it. Don’t be stupid! Hehehe

What if he agreed to sort it out afterwards he said? So me being sarcastic I said men can’t manage the bit of hair they have never mind my massive mane of hair. Lol sort it out!

Not even if he was an award winning hairdresser? (now here’s me thinking oh a new hair cut for free, it costs a fortune normally lol) Oh in that case Yeah sure.

I caved for a fancy new haircut. What a girl lol

25 thoughts on “It will cost you a new style

  1. I would never let a guy cum on my hair no matter who he is. My African hair is very coiled and it’s hard to wash so what more when I am busy trying to remove cum. Lol

    This was fun to read tho 😊

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  2. My Queen has very long and think hair. And while cumming in it isn’t a kink of mine, it has happened. While I don’t cum often anymore, I will cum with vigor when given the chance. Last summer after the 72 days of not cumming, she decided that I should cum. I took her from behind standing. She told me to cum on her ass and when I was ready I pulled Angus out of her and had a powerful orgasm. It was so powerful that I shot semen up over her hair. But it wasn’t intentional.

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