Ok guys if you’re squeamish, look away now!

So I know what sounding is, but Iv never done it to anyone or watched anyone do it. The thought of it makes me wince. Its not a well know kink I don’t think, so for those who don’t know its basically inserting rods, either metal or rubber into the urethra for sexual gratification. Iv heard with practise it can be great. But I’m not gonna try it lol

Todays caller however has and does! WTF I said when he told me. Fuck what made you want to do that I asked? I like pushing boundaries, trying new things, I heard about it and just though why not! he responded. Are you fucking mad! I said laughing. He told me he had bought a kit online. He’s been practicing for a few months and seems to be getting further with it. I was transfixed as to how!

After I had done my job which was getting him off by telling him id insert things into different orifice and fuck him till he cums (not going into it, the sounding is what I want to tell you about)  He offered to let me watch him do it on cam sometime. Obviously I accepted!

I’m a bit nervous of watching him do it, but its like a horror film when you think don’t look but you just cant help yourself! lol




17 thoughts on “Sounding

  1. I don’t think it started as anything to do with prostrate surgery. Though I could be wrong and have been before. I’ve had it done to me in the dark ages (over 30 years ago). I had Metal and also glass rods used. It didn’t do anything much for me but it really turned on my girlfriend at that time–and I obviously benefited from that. lol enjoy your show! After all you are being paid to watch! 😜

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      1. I’m on WordPress. I did pay for a domain name but near as I can figure nothing changed except the thickness of my wallet. I usually tag things as NSFW. Not sure if I can tell you anything else.

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  2. Thank you for expanding my education!!! I’d never heard of sounding…and there is no way Daddy would let me get near his manhood with any type of rod. But, good to know 🙂 I was reading your exchange with collaredmichael above….are you trying to monetize your WordPress site or am I reading that wrong?

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    1. iv moved to a self hosted blog, so I can monetise. Google have loads of restrictions, but iv sorted it now. The reason im doing it is I will have to stop taking calls in the ordinary wat I do and log onto my new premium line, im not sure how it will go, so im just trying to cover some bases, new blog should be live tomorrow or day after, iv had some issue transporting data etc . it will look the same though

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