I will do anything, but not that he said

Sometimes I have to really work hard to find out what turns callers on when they don’t want to engage. Often I get callers who ring and think youre a mind reader. The worst thing any of them can say is “im into anything” grrrr so fucking annoying. I had this today. So to test this out I said if I dress you up as a sissy bitch and fuck you with a strap on you’d like that then wouldn’t you? Er noooo he said that’s not for me.

So in fact you’re not into anything are you! lol

How hard is it to answer a fucking question around the reason you fucking rang me! obviously I don’t come straight out and ask it, I work my way up to it flirting. I’m not sure if men say it out of trying to seem like they’re a sex god or they are nervous of saying what actually turns them on. But if you want an experience that is enjoyable for you it helps if your honest about what floats your boat!

As it turned out it was a run of the mill I’m so horny and only you can fuck me till I cum. With your huge cock!  While I’m sat at home all alone in my lingerie, stockings and sky high heels. I’m so thankful for your call. Yawn!


11 thoughts on “I will do anything, but not that he said

  1. I think back to that prestigious boy’s school when I juxtaposed exactly this with how their poor mothers must feel. They stood around doing nothing… until eventually now they are lawyers. Those who aren’t tend to be their clients. It is easy to see how they probably do think they are “into anything”.
    Last year I was at a footy final for them and one – a judge prpclaimed to their lesser suburban opponents… we were born to rule. I said you’re lucky your league has no alcohol during games or our courts wouldn’t open Monday mornings with a mouth and natural muscular armour like that.

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  2. As for when they introduced me to one bloke as the friend of… and the absent friend’s son had been a vrew member of mine… wasn’t I rude to mention hiss memory fondly. Another dead son amongst the alumni and we dare not mention their names. Beats me how people who have passed the bar exam cannot speak about it. I guess the wakes are a great opportunity to raid their mate’s cellar. I am sure someone jas been pegged many times in those cellars.

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  3. mostly men just want to hear how fabulous they are, the best lover you’ve ever had, blah blah boring.
    you get paid for what you do. start right off saying oh I’ve been waiting for your call, so glad it’s you, yes yes, oh, you’re the best, so huge, etc etc etc. (lessen the pain for both of you)

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    1. I think people are conditioned to think anything outside of “the norm” is wrong or pervy. Men I think fear rejection for being honest…..it’s funny I grew up a strict Catholic and was taught sex is evil! Look how that worked out lol

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      1. What are you say???? Police make careers like this now. They have media pals they call in to sway public opinion pre trial… helps petition upward for funding too. Promo packs. The old are dumb too… not just the young. You see outside the norm you’re lucky to get appearance money for anything. A shame so many of them are sloppy with their early instagram from bbq… so undercover and all with the crack pipe and criminal sex partners. Only dumb easily controlled people get the big jobs now. Easy to hang it around their necks too. I’ll make ya famous. Lol

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