I have to come out, Ive been forced into it he said

This call pulled on my heart-strings. I really felt for this guy. Sometimes men call just to have a chat and in some way receive counselling regarding something they are going through. This guy had explained he had been having his first experiences with a man. It was a regular thing with a guy he had known for yrs. The issue was his step sister knew about the situation. She had discovered them in the act so to speak. She had known for months. The caller had asked her not to tell anyone as he wasn’t sure about what he felt or what was going on.

The issue for him was that she kept dropping hints about it while they were around family and friends. It was like she enjoyed putting him on the spot. He found that he had started to lie to people because of this. He told me he thought he loved this man. The lies and deceit were really starting to get to him. So he had decided he would tell his mum.

He was really nervous (as you would be) He was really fearful that she wouldn’t accept it. Shes a bit old school he said. I asked does she know who this man? He said yes.

I told him, he can only do what feels right for him. I know that he feels like his sister has put him in a position. But right now his mum doesn’t know. If he isn’t ready to tell yet, then don’t. Don’t be backed into something you’re not ready for……of course if you do feel ready. Don’t just blurt it out. Think about how you want to convey your feelings for this man. I’m sure she will understand even if it takes a little while to get used to the idea. Ultimately parents just want their children to be happy x

12 thoughts on “I have to come out, Ive been forced into it he said

  1. Aaaah man.. !!!!
    Secret lives and loves…

    His sister is really acting like a bitch.. and very inconsiderate without thinking of him.. having a laugh at his expense..
    tsk tsk tsk!!!👎👎

    I just hope he finds a way to get his secret out.. without being too embarrassed 😩 …..,

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