Hmmm fruit

Last weekend, my wife and I saw an Adam Sandler Movie on Netflix. It was called The Ridiculous Six, and featured a large number of well known actors. Now my Queen and I both like Adam Sandler movies. They often aren’t great cinimatic masterpieces, but they often are funny, silly, and have a nice message. […]

via The Ridiculous Six–Really??? Cantaloupes?? — collaredmichaelwordpresscom


I decided to reblog this because it’s one of the only things Iv come across here that I would hear at work. And I think that’s amazing! Great blog x

11 thoughts on “Hmmm fruit

      1. Lol it wouldn’t be the first time Iv been thrown out of the midland. I trained to be a casino dealer in thete yrs ago. Got kicked out at a Christmas party….way to drunk! And loud lol…..That’s what youth is for tjough. Having fun


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