I want to watch your bouncing breasts!

When I said hello he was already wanking. Tell me what you look like he said. Ok I’m tall, curvy, big breasts, waist length dark hair. Blue eyes, pale skin……how big are your tits?  Was the next question. I’m 38 f I responded. Oh fuck!!! I love big tits he said. I just want to watch them bouncing around.

If I was there right now, what would you want to be doing I asked knowing this was going to be a short call. I want you to ride my cock so I can watch your tits bouncing around he said. So with that I told him how I would give him a tit wank, sucking his cock through my breasts, licking my own nipples for him to watch my nipples getting hard. Smothering his cock with my large juicy tits. When his cock is ready id put my wet juices on my nipples then lower myself onto his hard throbbing cock.  Id start to rock back and forth. My breasts starting to jiggle about. as I begin to gain a rhythm. He’s watching them, bouncing, jiggling, glistening with my wetness. As I start to get faster I begin to move forward, lowering my breasts to his face. So he can start to suck my nipples. tasting my pussy on them………….dialing tone!

24 thoughts on “I want to watch your bouncing breasts!

      1. Hmm, strange, half of yours go there, half not – just checked my spam and see a new one there, while another was in the main folder – can’t seem to control my spam, I subscribed to an art site called Artsy magazine, all their go spam, can’t seem to fix it!!

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  1. I suspect my spam settings are a bit random – I’m subscribed to an art site always goes to spam, can’t see any reason why, no sex words in the title, or the content really, so I duno, its just yours and the artsy one, can understand the rest, cos its russian girls and gambling adds!

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