You’ve been a very naughty boy! Tell me all the things you’ve done or thought about today that are completely inappropriate?  I asked him

Well it’s been really sunny today, lots of ladies have been teasing me with what they have been wearing. I can’t help looking. He said. Tell me more? I responded. I’ve been looking at their legs, bottoms in shorts, breasts/cleavage. There was one lady who had very pert breasts but wasn’t wearing a bra, I could see her nipples. I couldn’t stop looking. They made me hard. I know I shouldn’t but I had to wave a wank over them.

Where are you right now? I asked. I’m in the lounge he said. Do you have a wooden spoon in the kitchen I said. Yes why he responded. well I think you need to be punished for looking at those women, and definitely so for the wank…….did these women give you permission to do it? I quizzed. no he said. Well there you go, punishment is in order! Yes miss he said.

I could hear him in a kitchen draw, metal clanging etc. got one he said. Take your pants off, lay on the sofa with your bottom in the air you naughty boy. Yes miss. now how many ladies were there in total? im not sure he said. This made me angry! well fucking think you cock! how many women have you fucking violated today? 6 miss it was 6!

Ok so now im going to sit here and listen to you spank and cheek of your arse 5 times for each lady. I will count each one. I want you to tell me when you arse changing cheek. If you get the count wrong I will make you start again! (The first time 10 he didn’t tell me when he had swapped, so I made him start again) He started off spanking hard, but I could hear he was getting softer. I want consistency so do them the fucking same you prick! Yes miss I am sorry. In the end he did want I asked.

When he had finished I told him that I didn’t want to speak to him any more as I was pissed off he thought it was ok to view women as symbols for his pleasure, and that if he did it again he was to ring me! Yes Miss. I put the phone down……..

Hopefully that will make him ring back, it normally does the trick lol

15 thoughts on “Spanked!

  1. Jeez, some of these guys you talk to seem a little bit immature.
    I’m glad you’re doing it for the money, but maybe it would be nice for you to have fun too.
    Or do you actually enjoy talking to the more pathetic among men? ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I do it so I can be around when my son needs me. For instance it was sports day today. I can just go. No boss to worry about. Also for the money. I can afford to live in a nice place and my son goes to a good school.
      I don’t have any real fun with callers anymore. I do like the more obscure kinks. Just cos it’s interesting. I also enjoy being in control and dom. But that’s not just sexual, I’m like that in life lol

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