dom/sub chat support group

As usual, the OPEN DOM AND SUB CHATS this week will take place on MONDAY and THURSDAY from 7pm. As of this week, our Monday chat will move to a SUNDAY which we hope will allow more of the members who are non UK based to attend. The first SUNDAY CHAT will take place on […]

via SafeworD/s Events week beginning 17/07/17 — | The SafeworD/s Club — submissy

7 thoughts on “dom/sub chat support group

    1. Aww thanks that means a lot. I never really thought people would be that interested. It just me talking about work. If you thought about that as an officer worker. You’d think the same. Plus the Internet is full of sex. So that didn’t stand out. But I’m really really happy you and others seem to like it. Thank you xx

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      1. It the most honest blog I’ve found so far. You may be bored, “it’s just a job” but to me it reveals much of human nature and I find it fascinating. Like I’ve posted earlier: “You can’t make this sh*t up!” which is why I love it so much. Keep it going, please! Thank you!

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