married fuck buddie wont leave me alone now hehe……pay me!

Wow first call of the day and its him! again! As it’s not my line I wont be putting the phone down. But I did drag the call out. His wife wasn’t home today so I did my actual job and helped him cum. Which is obviously why he rings. He’s so obvious though. Lets does a scenario when I am in town on business and you’re a high-class escort he said…. blah blah fucking blah! So I told him everything he wanted to hear as per yesterdays conversation hehe

But I have decided as I don’t know how my new line will run straight away and I will have to stop other things to concentrate on my new line, which means I will lose income until things are going well. I will give him the number as it will be a steady client. I told him this. He answer was if im going to be used Id rather it be by you……..OMG fuck off you cock! and pay my mortgage! hehehe

17 thoughts on “married fuck buddie wont leave me alone now hehe……pay me!

  1. Who would want to imagine it. You should get paid more. There are terrirsts who get let into countries who get paid more and less stigma. Maybe the politicians who let them in are customers like these dudes. I am a fighter not a lover… a shame they don’t come out to spar with me or my mates.

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      1. Switching of and letting the money roll. Bless you. That is why I love and respect working women. You guys rock. Society should value you more. Some blokes should get off the grog and pay more attention to you x

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  2. These are the sort of blokes who have kids and by the time their son is 5 years of age he realizes that something is wrong with the old man.

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      1. As a teenager I just looked at how my peers treated their own mothers… and what she made acceptable for that stairway to heaven


      2. I went to the most prestigious boys school in the country with these kind of wankers. I left in year 11. They refunded school fees to my folks they were so ashamed. My best mate was a real man and left in year 10. He was gay. He was also a great drummer which is equally as relevant. His father was one of the founders of the original conception of the UN. He was born in Brussels and his older brother was part of being paid out by Pink Floyd. Some of us are flies in the ointment because we love and respect women and have watched powerful blokes manipulating and abusing smart women since we were kids
        Nowadays I just love chatting…. because half the blokes cannot fight to save themselves… like Orwells rokm 101… take Julia. Anyone but me. Take her.
        Old school tie. Lol

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      3. He’s probably run a credit card over in Dubai or somewhere like that. Can’t keep their prick in their pants… resplendent of everything else they do

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