I’m sorry bloggers I can’t give you my number

Iv been asked a few times for contact details on here. I’m not being rude by not responding or giving them. The issue is I have to remain anonymous. By giving anyone here contact details I risk that.

Sorry x

12 thoughts on “I’m sorry bloggers I can’t give you my number

    1. Well just to be clear. I Dont want People to think I’m rude when they use the contact me on the blog. I’m not here to drum up business for the chat line. I’m here to talk about it and share my job. If I made money out of reviewing sex toys at work etc fine. But I’m not here to make money from the line or drum up business for it

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      1. Totally agree with you and hear you. I grew up with a smart mother and have watched how these pigs want more and more all the time. They never have enough and they get so fat from their success these blokes they tend to drop dead running from shit they never clean up.
        Fleece them love. Leave them tied up sometimes 😄

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  1. Yeah… paint a target on yourself and watch them all disappear when you need them to call you.
    Very rude of you to be a smart professional woman. Must be a “bitch”. That’s all they have.
    Bless you

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