Stand on the chair while I lick you: Then I will tell you a story

Where are you he asked. I am sat on a chair in the dining room why? do you want to play with me he said? of course I do I responded. Have you wanked today he asked? yes I said. So you’re wet he quizzed? yes I am. Can you do me a favour he asked. Depends what it is! I want you to take what you’re wearing off on the bottom and take that chair into the kitchen, where I want you to stand on the chair slightly leaning forwards so I can lick your wet cunt (ew the c word, now I did move the chair loudly so to make him think I was doing what he requested….I wasn’t)

He then went trough how he would lick me, taste me, force his tongue in deep into my wet pussy. He told me hed lick my arse but what he would really like is to fuck it. Would you like me to get off the chair and bend over? yes he said im going to fuck your arse till I cum…….which he did.

Now here’s where it all went a bit odd. Normally that’s where guys say bye. But this guy asked very randomly. Have you ever had a threesome? yes I said, why? what do you think about them he asked. It fine as long as I am the third person, I couldn’t ever see my partner with someone else I don’t think. How about you I asked? (sensing he wanted to tell me something)

He then goes on to tell me (for nearly an hour) about how he’d meet a man in a bar who asked him to come home and fuck his wife. He agreed. The couple lived in a huge house. they are a wealthy professional couple. He had sex with the wife while her husband watched. This became an arrangement on a regular basis. Until one day the husband wanted to get involved. The caller explained that it wasnt for him. This went on for about 4 months.

The caller explained that he enjoyed his cock being played with one of these sessions. He enjoyed it very much. He realised it was the husband and came all over the wifes back. He felt confused that he enjoyed it. But that was the last time he went over to see them. He felt happy he had experienced this situation. But believed it was best to part company.


5 thoughts on “Stand on the chair while I lick you: Then I will tell you a story

    1. hmmm I didn’t think of it like that. I think it has to do with the difference between fucking and making love. I think a woman would want to be around to make sure its just fucking! That’s why I have to be the third person, I couldn’t watch or have my partner watch me with anyone else, would feel wrong

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