I am dyslexic! deal with it!

Ok,  some of you are aware and some are not aware that I am dyslexic, I also have scopic sensitivity. My main issues are around memory and format. I really struggle reading off a white background or anything that’s in boxes. I find it difficult looking at a computer etc. Whilst I have an IQ that could get me into mensa, plus I am gifted in some areas. Dyslexia is an every day issue for me.

I want to point out that I try to read the blogs I follow but this can take me more time than others. I don’t always comment on longer posts as I struggle sometimes with remembering what’s been written grrrr so I have to go over and over it. I try to respond to comments as best I can. If you engage in my blog, I will try to make sure I do yours, its basic manners. But Id like to thank anyone who actually reads about my job x

I am aware that I am not the greatest writer but I don’t need anyone to point that out for me, regardless of them knowing or not it just fucking rude!



I added the links just in case anyone wasn’t aware what I am talking about

24 thoughts on “I am dyslexic! deal with it!

  1. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with idiots criticizing what they have no business criticizing. I love your writing. It’s direct, engaging, funny, touching, and honest. I’d much rather read your work, with its idiosyncrasies, than some pile of sterile shit that’s so perfect it doesn’t even stink. If you catch my drift 😉

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    1. I think people get precious about the “art” of writing rather than the content. pisses me off when I get people making suggestions as to how I should do things.
      I appreciate you reading and taking me for what I am. A dyslexic with an attitude problem lololol

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  2. I can deal with it…. but we will draw a line down the middle and I will only deal with my side of it. Unless of course we devise a system where I have to deal with some of yours some times if I lose a bet? What about whacking someone’s ass… do you ever give them more than you signed off on?
    Maybe tattoo some subs. 😘😄

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  3. I love your writing. I’ve told you before, but I reemphasize it now. If I wanted perfect I’d look it up in the dictionary–but it would be really boring! Besides, I’m far from perfect myself. It would be hypocritical to demand perfection from others.

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  4. I’m not sure you need to feel obligated to read all posts by all of your followers (I certainly can’t keep up with that completely, though I try to). The reason I say that is because your blog is hilarious and enormously entertaining on its own merits, so I’d be an enthusiastic reader whether you reciprocated and read my nonsense or not.

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  5. I love the way that you write and the content of your posts. It is refreshing and honest. I don’t think your dyslexia is obvious to anyone but you. I appreciate that it will take you much longer for you to read other posts and also to compose your own but the finished result is great. It is virtually impossible to proofread your own work so we all have a wealth of errors but if the reader can get the meaning from what you have written and enjoys reading it then your job is done. (If it helps I am an English teacher and I follow your blog because I enjoy reading it).

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      1. How absolutely rude of them! Why would they do that? If they want some marking to do then there are teachers all over the land who would be glad of their nit picking I am sure.

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  6. I am also dyslexic. I know this struggle very well. People can be so inconsiderate and mean, about it.
    I wouldn’t get into mensa, but my IQ falls into the gifted category. I’ve had people feel threatened by this and try to rip my work to bits, to make themselves look better.

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      1. Aww thanks 🙂 Nice to meet you too 🙂 It was nice, finding and reading your blog 🙂
        I know, I think they have ego issue or just weren’t raised right. Hahaha that’s what I actually, say to them hehehehe 🙂


  7. Not to worry about your writing…
    you write very well and is quite entertaining with your stories and experiences..

    I do understand dyslexia… I do have a slight problem in that are too ..
    it’s not as bad as some cases but I do have problems reading sometimes..

    You are girlfriend..,
    Just keep your stories coming.. I fully enjoy

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