Should I give married fuck buddy my new line?

So the guy who asked to pay me for sex on a regular basis called 3 times today. But get this while his wife was in the room!!! WTF playing with fire! he kept putting the phone down and ringing back!

I have only been speaking to people who know my personal number for a while. Today I went on the “line” I used to work for, which is where I met him.  I logged on because I wanted to give people the new premium rate line number. But as soon as I logged on he called. I know his voice. So straight away I knew it was him. He asked where I had been. I told him setting up and new line and that I have been writing, it slipped out! oh what have you been writing about he asked………ERRRRR I lied, short romantic stories I said, knowing he wouldn’t want to know any more. Great he said, So its pretty entrepreneurial of you to set up your own line, can I have the number? he asked.  I lied and said the telecoms people are doing work on it at the min, I will give it to you later I said.

I’m not sure I want him to have it I was thinking, but then he made a comment which made me really not want to give it to him. It was about how he bets I just tell everyone what they want to hear, and I have probably been fake about whatever has gone on between us in the last year or so. Straight away I was annoyed. Yes I said. I will tell you anything you want to hear as long as it pays me. That’s my job! I said laughing. I think he was a bit taken back by it and slightly offended. Screw you fucker! I thought don’t be trying to play games with me you cock! lets just stick to my job which is phone sex….nothing more! you are just another customer I tell what they want to hear!

I can’t stop thinking about you he said, I only came on to find you. Fuck off I said, what the fuck have you been doing all the time you’ve been horny and I am not around. Don’t try to blag me you prick! he then says this…….I really want to be with someone like you, a bigger women, it’s just a fascination I have……hmmmm what do you class a big? I asked. about a size 24 he said…….(ok im not having a go at anyone curvier than me right now) WTF I am a fucking 16! 18 on top sometimes. Boobs get in the way. You cheeky fucker!! and I am 5.11! So it kinda evens out. (I prob could do with loosing a few pounds but I don’t need some guy making look like I’m a freak show, a little something he’s never had cos he has a trophy wife! Who’s shit in bed)

That’s as far as the conversation went before the phone went down yet again as his wife walked in. NEXT!


23 thoughts on “Should I give married fuck buddy my new line?

  1. Only other person I knew like that was a cop. When he started telling me about his wife (now ex) who is still a friend… I had say enough. I asked him to speak to someone at his station for counseling etc… He was incredulous. He was having a great life in the job. Unfortunately his wife’s job had been paying into the mortgage he had a credit card attached to.
    His cousin who was the black sheep of their family had warned me about him. It is a bit how’s your father when your mate turns up to a function with his date and you’ve only just been at his family home the day before for cuppa.
    Maybe only to those in the secret boy’s club with a badge he was…. the undercover lover?????

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  2. Well, my dear, it’s obvious you already know what to do. 😌 Find a way to make him pay more without the sex. He doesn’t feel safe for you. Am I understanding your profession correctly? You also see clients in person? Anywho, the suggestion is limited interaction with him if possible. Stay safe.💖

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