OMG pet guy rings back

I spoke to this caller  You wanna be a what!?  in may. I didn’t think I would hear from him again. But low and behold he has called back! If I am honest I was excited, calls have been pretty boring recently. I guess I am interested in new things and kind of mesmerised by the odd. This didn’t let me down! hehehe

I have bought it he proclaimed! I have my brand new pet suit! (I was kind of laughing and intrigued at the same time) Wow really I said. Yes and I am really happy with it he said. Good for you I said. Do you want to see it? he asked……Are you fucking kidding me of course I want to see it! so I told him my Skype, and there he was in all his glory!

Now I know im supposed to be professional but I wet myself laughing! luckily he didn’t take offence. He said I know its a lot to take in. I just wanted to see how you’d respond. He didn’t have the mask on, so I could actually see him. Why do you want me to see it I asked? well I want to start wearing it in the company of someone who will accept it, someone who wont judge me he said (oh im judging I’m thinking, but id never say it! lol) I am just stating this journey and until I feel comfortable about it, I am just testing the water he said. Well fair enough I said. So I am like a little road test for you? I asked. Yes you are he said laughing.

So what do you want from me I asked? well today I just wanted to show it to you. But I would like it if I could cam again and we could do some pet related things? if that’s ok with you he asked. (I have had dogs before so I guess I could swing this hehe) ok I said. Do you have props and dogs related things I quizzed. Yes I do, I have tricks, treats, a bowl, lead, toys etc. (man this is weird but although I am smiling I am not laughing and making him feel uneasy)

Can you put your mask on I asked. Yes he said and did so. WOW is all iv got to say! I feel like im in the twilight zone! Anyways Iv agreed that I will cam with him again. I asked him to book a session so I am ready and know its him.

So folks welcome to my world of oddness and accepting people for their kinks, no matter how out there they seem to me!



46 thoughts on “OMG pet guy rings back

      1. Good on you. I like that it’s nice for you and you get a break from some of the negative ethical baggage some guys bring you. I imagine much of the point of being independent of us is that you just don’t need that baggage

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      1. He didn’t like it. Aries. He actually sees himself as the leader. A bloke funding a gig took him to a brothel. The lady gave him his money back and refused to do business with him. He was telling me how some other girl told him to stop because he’s too big. He was bragging. I laughed and said that is just like saying she had a cramp. You’re bragging about being knocked back.
        He is in an outlaw motorcycle club that only has one motorbike. The leader of the whole thing is a rock spider that got young boys off the streets to dress them in leather and dependant on him.
        Some years ago I was dropping the Barbarian off at the house of some girls associated with the prep school for jail. He asked me if I wanted to hang out. He was offended when I said no way would I party with girls who dig you. I had no desire for saggy tits to be flashed at me when I walked in.

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  1. 😳 wow !!!!

    It’s so amazing 😉 what turns on some people…

    But I’m like you.. I like anything that’s new to me and out of the ordinary..

    You are so gracious to be so kind to make him feel so comfortable enough with you that he wants to play with you…

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  2. I liked his line, “I’m just starting this journey”. Were I to suddenly develop a fetish for dressing and acting like a dog, I doubt I’d think of it as the onset of an exciting new journey. Then again, it’s hard to say. Were I to suddenly develop a fetish for dressing and acting like a dog, perhaps it would just come with the territory to envision it as a journey as a way to distract myself from the fact that I’m a grown man in a dog suit. Some mysteries will never be solved, I guess.

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      1. Yeah, she used to say siT – haha, and as I recall the choke chain was used ruthlessly! Or will you be more of a “dog whisperer” – either way, he’s going to have to be trained!! 😀 😀

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      1. Reverse psychology? Topping from the bottom perhaps. Better train him. Train him good. He will never know what meant when he said that.

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      2. I had a boss who watched animal porn. He turned nasty when I voiced my disgust one morning.
        I am certain he always got the ugly dog too.


      3. We were working in a Catholic hospital for women. I ended up losing my job after a stressful several years. The exec who protected this guy and got a big bonuses terminating job was from over your way. On the run from the Millwall firm… the Bushwhackers. People don’t come to Australia for promotion or because it’s a great honour. Lol

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      4. We can eat dirt and fight though. Lol.
        Our nation has a Capricorn sun so we like business and finance… without the rhetoric or diplomatic well roundedness

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