Can you change my light blub I’m so helpless!

The last thing I am is helpless! But if only a young strapping virile man can help this hot cougar bored married housewife in distress, then I guess I need him.

Clearly this caller has a love of porn role play. He’s 24 and thinks older women are horny! My husband is away a lot and can’t satisfy me, so the caller would love to help out of course! I don’t think in real life I could ever consider being with someone so young. I don’t get it. But each to their own I say.

So we are in the lounge of my house. It’s a hot day. Iv not got that much on. A low-cut top and shorts. Iv asked him to come and change a light bulb. Whilst he is up to ladders I am stood at the bottom holding them. I catch him glancing at my breasts in my low-cut top. Do you like them? I ask. What’s not to like he say, you’re gorgeous, very sexy! You think I am sexy? Yes I do he says. He is still stood on the ladder at this point. Well that’s very kind of you I say. It’s a shame you’re on your own a lot he says. I know I get so lonely, I feel a bit neglected I respond.

Maybe I can help with that to he says. How are you going to do that I ask. I don’t know, let me know what you need? Well how about I pay you for helping me right now and then you decided if you want to keep helping me after I pay you? I say to him while he is turned around facing me on the ladders. Oh I don’t need payment he says. Oh I think you will like this payment I say whilst I am starting to unzip his jeans. OMG yes I think I will.

I am going to take your cock out and give you a blow job like you’ve never had before. Oh look you’re already excited. This will be fun!. I take his cock and start to wank it. Looking him directly in his eyes. Your cock is very sexy and bigger than my husbands I tell him. Just as I lean in to put it in my mouth. I’m sucking the tip whilst I twist my hands in opposite directions. he’s rock hard. I cup his balls and start to massage them with one hand. He’s loving it. I ask him to get off the ladders. I kneel down with him in front of me. I take his cock and start to suck it all the way down my throat. I have no gage reflex so I can take all of him. He holds my head while he begins to fuck my mouth. (these young lads are so easy to please, I can hear that he’s close) You’ve wanted this far a long time haven’t you? yes he’s says. You want to fuck me don’t you? yes he says. I wanna fuck you all day long, you’re my dream. Fuck I wanna cum you horny bitch!

After he had cum. He thanked me and said he would call back as he loved it. it’s the first time he had rung a line and didn’t know what to expect. It was a lot of fun.

A short and easy call, but still a call at that.


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