I want your scent

Isn’t it odd how a single item of clothing can turn someone on. Today’s caller wanted to talk about meeting me in a hotel. But I had to be wearing leather black hot pants. Very tight, very short. He wanted to smell me through them. A bit odd I thought. But hey who am I to question.

I told him Id expect him to be lay on the floor naked waiting for me. face upwards.

When I get into the room I told him I would wrap him in cling film around his arms so he couldn’t move. Id put a blind fold on him. Then when I am ready I sit on his face, pants still on. I would smoother him so he couldn’t breath. Rubbing myself up and down his nose. Rubbing my pussy through the pants. I wouldn’t speak to him other than calling him a fucking nose whore and a cheating little bitch (he’s married). That if he really wanted my went pants that smell of my sexy juices Id have to work his nose and tongue hard. (He wants the pants wet so he can rub them on the car seat his wife sits on. Hed like to keep the in the glove box to, men like the oddest things sometimes lol)

When I am as wet and happy as id like. I take off the blind fold and request that he begs me to take the cling film off so he can serve me by making me cum. At this point I haven’t touched his rock hard throbbing cock. He’s desperate to fuck me in the pants. Please please please take the cling film off I want to touch you, I want to caress your skin, I want to make you tingle and come. He’s still lay on the floor. I’m stood over him. Shout I want to please (insert my name) I can hear him shouting it, louder I say at the top of your voice. (it always makes me laugh when I make people shout things.  and they do it!)

I told him to peel the pants off me, then take the crotch and rub it in. Making sure he gets all the juices. Now put them down and lick me you slut. I’m on all fours on the bed. while he’s licking me from behind. So now im doing my best actress bit. All moaning and telling him what a good boy he his. How much I love it when he licks me like that. I can hear the usual clicking of a wet wanking cock in the background. You wanna put your cock in my wet pussy don’t you? yes please he says, you’re so fucking horny miss. Hes moaning and breathing quite fast. I wish I could fuck you for real! I tell him to think about me clenching him inside, squeezing his throbbing cock pushing back hard as he begins to fuck me……….dialing tone!


8 thoughts on “I want your scent

  1. Oh…oh wow. That was hot.

    I can see the appeal of being made to say things. I’m the same way. I’d love for a girl to “make” me say something. Its funny because you aren’t making us, we want to. We want you to make us say things that make you smile or laugh for your amusement. Its the pleasing you and the attention you give us that we crave. (“Us” being the type that like this).

    But wow…that was sexy.

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    1. Yeah I get that you guys like it. I have a guy that’s always worried the neighbours might hear when I ask him to shout he’s a little bitch and needs spanking. It cracks me up. I really have to push him to be loud. He loves it in the end. I’m glad you like following my job x

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      1. Love it. Very interesting to hear the details.

        I bet he loves that he can be loud and not have anyone hear. The kind of thrill of being bad and almost bad enough that he may be caught but just enough that he’s safe.

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