Is forbidden fruit guy stalker material?

Forbidden fruit guy is a man of 40 who is perving and wanking over his elderly rich fathers wife, AKA his step mother. although in saying that she is only a couple of yrs older than him and a hot trophy wife.

He has rang a few times whilst he has been snooping around her room for sex toys and proof she is cheating on his dad.  He says he wants to confront her and use it as leverage to sleep with her. He plays with her sex toys etc. He also pushes her boundaries, ie wanking with his bedroom door open so she can see.

When he first started ringing I found it interesting but now its the same call every time. It’s normally around how hot she is, he wants to fuck her, he knows she cheating so why not with him? He has started taking note of where she goes (it’s a small place) who she’s with etc in the hope of catching her doing something she shouldn’t  be. He says she encourages him, showing her nipples through tops, getting changed when he can see etc.

Normally I take things at face value. But now I am thinking is he peeping tom material? bordering on stalker behaviour? Is it a bit weird given he hasn’t moved on with actually confronting her? he’s def not the shy type, in fact he’s super confident. Does he have a guilty conscience given who she is married to? Or is it all just in his head fantasy?

hmmmm I guess I will have to see what happens when he calls back next. I am bored of his calls now. But hey he’s paying so I guess I will have to listen lol

23 thoughts on “Is forbidden fruit guy stalker material?

    1. Yeah I think it’s in his head. She does exist. Iv heard her. She turned up once. The area he says he lives in only wealthy ppl live there. So I think the background is real. But that’s it


      1. Best not to spend too long in the head of someone like that. It’s hard enough being an outsider and being able to see people like that among the flocks

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      2. Monsters in the underdark. Meeting the Bard now at a southern trading hub. Tomorrow will be interesting if the boys are physical enough against some bears who can be dangerous xx


      1. I wouldn’t say patient. My job is to keep them on. I get paid more the longer they’re on lol……in real life I’d tell him exactly what I thought. And if I thought there was a chance he’d step over the mark when he calls I’d tell him not to ring back again. I just think he’s got a little fantasy going on.

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    1. Yeah it does get boring listening over and over. Particularly if it’s something I’m not interested in to start off with. But I’m very good at acting like I do, while I’m having a cup of tea dunking my biscuits lol

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