Clean up bitch!

Iv spoken about this sissy bitch before. She likes to wait on me hand and foot. She does the cleaning, dishes and polishes all while I have my feet up. I expect her to dress for the occasion and do what I ask.

We always chat on camera. Today she is wearing a lovely little pink skirt, a see through blouse, black stockings, heels, make-up and blonde wig and a push up bra. When I put the cam on she is sat very lady like. She is in a room that is open plan, so I can see the kitchen and lounge area. Its untidy. But that’s what I expect because the little bitch is going to be my maid for the day.

First of all I tell her to make me a cup of tea. I want proper tea, in a china cup and saucer (she knows id except this) I ask her to place it on the table in front of the camera. I want her to pour it correctly then stir a little milk in. Unfortunately too much milk. So I make her do it again. Pay attention your fucking slut!

Ok so now I will put my feet up, have my tea, do a bit of reading, paint my nails etc while she cleans for me. I don’t really watch her because she’s boring and im to busy! Every now and then I will look up from what I am doing and request she picks ups a crumb or fluffs a cushion or something.

As I always do , when I am happy with her maid duties. I tell her she can play. But I wont be interested. I tell her to stand in front of the camera. I keep an eye on what she’s doing, but not too much. Just enough to know that when she is ready I will turn the camera off. That filthy dirty little bitch wont be able to show me her disgusting acts! im not interested!


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