Other stuff I won’t talk about

I realised after my post yesterday that I haven’t ever told you guys what I wouldn’t talk about. So here is my list. I think its pretty self explanatory as to why I wont talk about them. Its not an exhaustive list, but just the main guide I use.

  • Anything to do with children (I will report) it’s never happened though luckily
  • Animals. I had this once. And I reported
  • Drugs
  • When people come across as intoxicated I won’t talk. I wouldn’t know if they knew what the call costs etc. This could be seen as taking advantage, which id never do.
  • Extreme violence, I understand that medial fetish etc could be seen as this, but this is aimed at the caller normally and no one else.
  • Anything that’s considered illegal
  • If someone comes across as vulnerable or has a learning disability that I believe hinders their ability to make choices or the ability to understand what the calls are about.

Calls are recorded, So if needs be they can be listened to. Also there is an ability to check numbers and bar them. Im a pretty strong character and can look after myself. I have no probs in saying no to callers when I need to. I have to do it to protect myself both morally and legally.

22 thoughts on “Other stuff I won’t talk about

    1. if someone wanted to talk about kids or animals or anytjing illegal the police. if they don’t do anything with it its there issue. If anything happens at a later date with that caller outside of my calls. at least I can say I did what I was supposed to do

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      1. thanks. im just worried about getting the right staff now. When I started I was paid half of what im going to pay my ladies. And I was pretty much left to it. no training etc. so I think Im going to try and be different and support people to do a good job

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  1. Congrats on getting your line registered! Sounds like you have a really non exploitative approach. Having recently become unemployed due to disability myself, home based options are something I am looking into and if I were to do this kind of work (I have a little in the past) I would want to look for an agency with standards. I am sure you will have no trouble attracting staff.

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    1. thanks its been a long slog! I don’t wanna be one of these huge organisations. I just want some trusted ladies working for me that I can actually have time to look after. no more than 20. I found it really hard finding something home based, that’s why I did this in the first place. Youre in the uk right?

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  2. 20 gals? So you’re not sitting home alone. That’s good to hear. How much per minute? And why record the calls at all? Who needs them? Why not record just the “suspicious” ones? I know nothing about your industry, have never made a sex line call, but your blog is fascinating! I love reading about individual idiosyncrasies. Ever thought of publishing your entire blog as a book? I bet people who buy it. Sex sells!

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    1. lol no they are in their owns homes. I can divert calls to them. you don’t know a call is suspicious till it is! I have thought about a book. Iv had an interesting life, ppl tell me to write it a lot. but im not sure im confident, given im dyslexic

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    1. Exactly. Real workers I have known in the industry always are. The bible even says so… Especially the bible says so. No wonder throughout history people have always heaped shit on real women like this. Society can always do without footballers and other hobbyists turned professional. This is a product that we know that we either got or did not xx

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