I love the F word

ok so we’ve established I hate the C word (cunt, ew I even hate typing it)

But a swear word I fucking love is FUCK. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck! I love it! and all its variants ie fuck, fucking, fucked etc you get my drift lol

I think no one says it better than us Brits for some reason. Or maybe we just sound naughty when we swear given the way I think some people in the world view us ie all living in fucking Downton fucking abbey! Drinking tea with the Queen lol

I realise I say it a lot but I’ll be fucked if I’m gonna stop!

26 thoughts on “I love the F word

  1. I know a bloke who got 6-9 as a sex offender because he wouldn’t stop saying it in meetings for supposed alcoholics. Now they candle handle that he has done the time well and helped heaps of blokes inside with rehab. The guards have comsidered him a blessing

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      1. Funny thing is… his innocence is just becoming more and more apparent… and those put him there can only fail on so many criminal attempts to silence an ever increasing number of people

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  2. Fuckin’ yea! The word fuck is fucking awesome! Girlfriend #1 uses “Fuck you” instead of “I love you.” For one, it is more accurate to what we’re about to fucking do if I can just keep my fuckin’ feet from my mouth. And two, it’s shorter.

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