I said no! Get the fuck off my phone: what I won’t talk about.

As you guys know I’m pretty relaxed about people’s fantasies and sexual desires. I try not to judge. But when I come across something I’m not happy with I’m won’t engage.

This call started of normally with the usual hello, how are you etc. But it soon went a bit pear shaped. He said he had a fantasy that he wanted to talk about but I might not like it. Me being me I said it’s fine I hear all sorts, don’t worry about it.

But he was right I didn’t like it. He wanted to talk about abduction and rape. I was taken back by his request. And also he blasé attitude as to how that might come across and what my response might be. When I told him no I wouldn’t entertain his request. He tried talking me around. Try it you might like it he said. I don’t want to actually hurt anyone. It’s just a bit of fun. Something taboo. It’s not like I’d ever do it!

Are you fucking kidding me you weirdo! Get off my phone! And if you call back I will report you!

I have a list of things I won’t talk about and this is on it! It makes me feel uncomfortable. I know people have fantasies they’d never act out. Sometimes they have them for purposes other than the obvious face of it reasons. That have nothing to do with the scenarios.

But with this I worry that if someone actually had those intentions and I encouraged them. Id never forgive myself if they acted them out. Or I gave them ideas etc.

So the short answer is get the fuck off my phone and don’t ever ring back.

33 thoughts on “I said no! Get the fuck off my phone: what I won’t talk about.

    1. omg! im so sorry you had to go through that, that’s horrific, I couldn’t imagine how difficult that must be to deal with…….hence the reason I told him to fuck off!……I hope you’ve had help with dealing with this?

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      1. Actually it was only after I began writing about prostitution (that came soon after), about 10 years ago, that I was even able to begin talking about it with my therapist of 30 years. I had been a virgin, one with Asperger Syndrome. I had no context in which to put this soul-murder. Fellow exited prostitutes were the ones who gave me the support I needed to work it through and put words to it; I don’t know if the book will ever see light, but writing it sure helped! xxx


    2. I hope the men responsible were dealt with harshly in the courts. I’m sorry you had to experience that. Rape is so awful. To take a beautiful experience like making love and destroy it for someone because of fantasies of power… just awful and sick! I have read many comments by you. I would never have known from them that you had been treated so heinously. I hope that means you were lucky to get treatment. I’m rambling but I’m sorry and I hope you are well!

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      1. Michael, thank you so much for your kindness and support. This happened in a place and time and family where teenage virgins who got raped were blamed for “what they did.” I couldn’t tell, not for 40 years. I don’t know what became of the men. Probably holding high political office somewhere….

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      2. None named Donald I hope… I have never understood the rational for blaming victims! That is almost as bad as the original act. On another note, I have seen a Laura Schulman on TV–Are you that Laura Schulman? I have been meaning to ask. But you may decline answering. I won’t be offended.

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      3. Gee, there’s someone with my name on TV? What does she talk about? Not me, that I know of!

        You have no idea how triggering this administration is to me. Just the very disgusting, stinking sod who would boast about sexual harassment as if it is his right…in the White House???? Please somebody wake me up…this nightmare is going on too long….

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      4. I believe so, but I don’t watch a lot of TV. I could be in error.
        As a Canadian, I couldn’t believe the Donald was elected–bragging about committing sexual harassment, cheating hard working people out of their money by declaring bankruptcy–the list goes on! Whatever else this man does, it is such a shame that he has the power of the States behind him. He deserves to be in prison. But what can we do?

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      5. It’s worse than that. If this doesn’t turn into a civil war I’ll be surprised. Trump is a high level gangster from waaaaay back, and he’s filled the government with mob bosses and cronies. Connections to the Russian Mafia. Incredible that nobody bothered to look behind the “reality tv” buffoon. It’s all there, has been there. A curious bit: whatever he accuses others of, is what he’s doing himself. His first act was to try to shut down the free press. Nowadays he doesn’t bother to give press briefings…just puts out memos. Zero acts of legislature, but over 200 executive orders so far, mass deportations of people who’ve been here for decades, decimating healthcare and social welfare….God in Heaven, help our country 😣

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      6. The negotiations are already a mess. And we’ve got two yrs of it left! It feels horrible over here at the minute. Nothing has changed much yet but it will. I’m ok about leaving. Just wish they’d get on with it now.

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  1. I like to read your blog because you are you! You have a wonderful sense of humour and some neat experiences to relate. But you also have a backbone and a morality that is spot on. Wanting to be treated as a dog? No harm no foul–you do it and contain your laughter till the phone is hung up. Wanting to have you participate in a rape or child scene–you refuse and register your abhorrence. Thank you.

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  2. Good on you to keep to your lines, whatever they may be. But… and it is not me, but those I know and love… there is a section of BDSM practitioners who do enjoy the “rape scene” play. Oddly enough, most of those friends of mine are women who want the fantasy of being taken “against” their will at a time and place they don’t expect. A few even have been raped in their past. To quote one such female friend, “I trust my partner, and it is the ultimate giving of trust on my part. And also, it’s like taking back a little bit of that power that was taken from me long ago. There are rules, but the more rules the less exciting it is.”

    Not trying to convince you, or others, to accept such play into your lives: hold your personal line proudly. But also do not condemn out of hand those who do have those fringe fetishes. There is not necessarily a “high” chance this man will act it out in reality and become a rapist… and there is always a chance that a normal seeming individual with tame sexual tastes will become one.

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    1. I get what you’re saying. And I’m not saying others don’t enjoy it safely. It’s just not something I find an ok think to talk about…..Iv never experienced it in real life and I wouldn’t want to make it something I’m helping to define. Or in women’s solidarity not be respectful to those who have and struggle in a different way to your friend.

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    2. Just a point that you yourself bring up. Your friends are women who engage in this with a TRUSTED friend. In this case it is a man who wants to indulge his fantasies. That changes things in a. If way. Many perhaps most people will eventually try out some of all of their fantasies.

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  3. A while back there were news reports of this couple that was setting up a kidnap/rape fantasy via some online forum. It went wrong or something…I don’t exactly remember the story very well…but there are some total no-nos when it comes to fantasy turning to reality.

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  4. People write fiction stories about murder, rape, and more. Others commit crimes because, ‘I saw it on TV’ or whatever their odd minds think. That is where it is. The action is their own doing. I’m thankful you have boundaries, but anything another does is their own choice. (I need to remember this in other areas, too!)

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