I don’t need you!

Without expectation or crystal ball gazing, I know – undoubtedly – that I want you in my life. To know you. To nourish you. To conquer with you, separately together. But always to nourish ourselves first and foremost. The me of my 20s was a very different me but I am grateful for everything that […]

via I don’t need you, but I do want you — Magenta

I shared this as it touched a nerve with me. Its kinda how I live my life. My motto is “I don’t need you in my life I choose to have you”, nice someone else is on my wave length

17 thoughts on “I don’t need you!

  1. yeah I just don’t get involved with drama, as soon as it starts I just end things. my friends think im really hard, like I don’t give people a chance, but I just cant be arsed with drama. if I wanted that id have a proper relationship lol

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  2. That was a good motto. It is your life, you are the one in charge of your decisions so it would be kind of strange if someone else steps up to tell you what you have to do or not to do, telling you your decisions.

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