Fuck off you C

Those of you who read me know I hate the c word. I reserve it for when I actually mean it!

I was just looking online bored and I saw you he said. So I thought I’d see how you are……

So this guy used to be my cash cow, hed ring for like 3-4 hours a wk. Sometime he would cam too. After months away the cash cow rang back today (He’s one of two guys I actually liked, it got a bit messy when he asked me on a date) So after me telling him I didn’t want to go out on a date he didn’t ring back. Which is fine.

So here we are months later and he’s telling me it was my fault for leading him On! Wtf are you fucking kidding me, it’s my fucking job you cock! Wtf makes you think I give a fuck what you think. Why have you called you fucking cunt! I told you not to ever again. If you’ve called because you’re horny, find someone else to piss off you prick.

Well thanks for the stop by, now fuck off!

I know I’ve no filter, my temp can go from 1-100 in seconds, but this guy fucks me off!! As I write this it occurs to me I’ve had a wk of people ringing that I have spoken to before. Just to fucking annoy me! grrrr


11 thoughts on “Fuck off you C

    1. Yeah it’s fair to say Iv got a temper. Well actually what I mean to say is I don’t suffer fools gladly……I’m really blunt in some ways. I just say what I’m thinking. A lot of people can’t handle that about me. It works well In work when I need to be dominant though lol

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      1. Personal comment: Thanks for following my blog. It is NOT a religious blog. Just sayin’. So stay tuned. And I LOVE your bluntness. More people should be so direct. Saves a lot of guessing!

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  1. What a numpty! Pity you can’t reverse the charges! No! That wouldn’t work, I mean, pity you can’t ring him and waste his time back somehow!! LOL Or double his bill overtime he pisses u off! X

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