The creepy office caller who wants a chat

I have a few gents that ring me from work. It’s all a bit odd really. They just ring for a chat. They tell me about work, life, wives etc. It’s like they’ve just rang a friend for a chat. It’s never sexual.

One of them has some kind of odd crush on me I think. He tells me when he talks to me he looks at one picture in particular. It’s actually the one that’s the least revealing. I get told I have a look, whatever that is. This is the pic men say that about. I’m often told in real life in look posh or stuck up, and that I come off unapproachable. It cracks me up because nothing could be further from the truth!

This guy freaks me out a bit. Because he tells me about his marriage, and how different it could be with someone like me ( newsflash you don’t fucking know me! It’s fake) He’s clearly unhappy. He’s in a professional job, has kids, massive house etc. But he tells me he’d run away with me. And not in an I’m so horny, or a joking way. It’s like he means it. he lives in a city close by, which is a concern. But it’s big enough area not to bump into him I think.

I find these callers slightly unnerving. It’s a bit creepy stalker psycho for my liking. I don’t know what it is but he sets my alarms off. He tells me what he’d buy me, where he’d take me. He asks leading questions like, what’s my favorite perfume, what kind of clothes do I like etc. I never tell him the truth. (I then have to remember the lies I’ve told him lol) I don’t get many creepy calls, which is exactly what I expected I would get when I started this.

I’m not sure if this guy is stalker material or he’s just looking for a bit of escapism from his life, like he’s dreaming of what he would like his life to be. But I think I’m going to block his calls.

22 thoughts on “The creepy office caller who wants a chat

      1. Still fuckwitted from the remix I heard the other week of Otis Redding… is that a tautology?


  1. I find it really interesting reading your posts that the things that creep you are not the things that you might expect. Your posts always recount situations which could be taken one way or another but clearly you get a lot from the exchange that is not written here in terms of how you feel about the callers. I admire how grounded you stay and how clearly you see it so I think your instincts must be good. I am glad that you blocked him if he felt wrong. 😊

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    1. yeah I think I see things differently than most. Its a sex line so I expect all levels of kink. When its not that I question why? spidy sense goes off lol…..Theres a lot in calls I cant say in case it point clients out. libel reasons. so I try to stay to the facts and point

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      1. I see that could be tricky. I think what I noticed is that it’s not the actions but the feelings. So they can ask you to do some stuff you might find odd but you accept that as being their thing but some of them clearly give you a feeling that you do not like.

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