Smoking hot?

The only time I smoke is when I’m on fire!

So when I was asked do you smoke? Of course I said yes! (Iv learned any sentence that starts with do you, Means I like) fuck that’s sexy he said. I actually think it’s gross. But obviously I played along. I’m getting paid. I will tell him any fucking thing he wants to hear the little perv!

I’d love to please a nonchalant smoking woman he said.

So to set the scene I told him I’d be waiting for him. Wearing stockings, heels a skirt suit. No blouse, push up bra peaking through. Red lips, dark hair, pale skin. I’m sat at a table drinking red wine and smoking a cigarette from a holder.

He would be in a corner. Naked with a collar on. The kind with chains down the back to tie the wrists with. Sat on the floor with his head down. I’d make him wait until I’d finished my cigarette. When I got up to walk across the room to get another, I’d slap him for looking at me, and tell him he’s an insignificant little prick, he only looks when I say. I’d walk back to the table.

Before I sit down I hitch my skirt up to my waist. I’m sat with my legs open drinking my wine. I tell him to crawl over to me with his head down. When he’s sat infront of me I ask. Are you going to please me you little bitch? Yes miss he says. I light the new cigarette and blow smoke in his face. I then make myself comfortable and pull my panties to one side. Now you fucker make me happy. Lick my pussy!  (I can hear him wanking, he has a wet cock. I can hear)

Im looking around the room smoking and drinking my wine will he’s trying so hard to please me. I push him away. Put my drink down. Hold his face. Slap him. Then force him hard into my pussy. Hold his head where I want him to lick me. Then smoke my cigarette tell I cum. (obvious fake moans at this point by me lol) When I’m finished I just walk off. Two cigs smoked one empty wine glass.

One happy caller! With real moaning


9 thoughts on “Smoking hot?

    1. I find it easy really. It’s more telling people what they wanna hear than lying. I was a bit worried people wouldnt get me. My writing skills bothered me (Iv had people mention it) So I’m glad you get me. Thanks x

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