Marking her territory

I told you guys a while ago about a guy who fucks his work colleague is his wife’s panties, then puts them back in the draw. He loved it when his wife put them on. He then fucked her in them. The wife doesn’t know.

I couldn’t understand why they fuck buddy would parade around in them for him. I fucking wouldnt!

He rang back today. I wasnt interested in getting him off. (obviously I did) I wanted to know why she did it?

So this is his explanation. He said it’s like shes leaving her scent. He said he felt like the work colleague knew she had a power over him that his wife didn’t. She’s over confident because she’s young and firm. It’s almost like shes trying to humiliate my wife in some way. Like shes teasing her. Also I think she gets off on the fact my wife might find out or even know.

Wow that’s some pretty dark shit really I’m thinking. Glad I asked though, it did bug me I didn’t the first time he called lol

24 thoughts on “Marking her territory

  1. Wow indeed. I’m all for kinks and am plenty open-minded but humiliation and degradation doesn’t do it for me. Not sure I’d call it dark but yeah…..I’m all about spreading the love (although I get that may sound odd given my undertakings, I am working on resolving that bit). Peace, love & namaste x

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  2. You had me at young and firm… actually from the title I thought it was going to be some form of water sports. Thank God it wasn’t. This was a bit gentler actually.

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      1. Yeah… he could certainly decide to do things differently if he wanted to. The fact he rings you to give the story legs…. I had a mate who was a cop who did something similar. I thought he was telling me because he felt bad and I told him to see a counselor through his station. It was then that I realized he was bragging. I am still mates with his ex wife and son. I prefer not to hurt anyone if possible. Personal sacrifice is a necessary part of life.

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      2. I can understand it if he has been beaten into a corner and punished daily for years then come out fighting to beat his oppressors… but this was a marriage to his life partner for Christ’s sake. These blokes then claim victim status. At one point he started telling me about what his wife was like in bed. She is my friend and their kid loves me as his father’s friend. I had to say enough was enough.
        Then again his police station shot a 15 year old kid with mental illness and in getting away with it they promoted all officers involved to keep up appearances and make a stronger statement for the inquest. They brag out of shop regularly when they aren’t fucking their way through the job unfortunately.

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      3. I am still very disturbed by it. There would be no drug problem in this country if many police could leave the force and chase the money they love with their criminal friends in a regulated industry under new legislation to stop creating violence and slavery. Win-win

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      4. In my posts regarding the pink moon…. 2 police ended up being disciplined resulting in demotion because they tried pinning bullshit on me that could never possibly stick. Everyone knows that I live as I say I do. No hidden party life or sexual tastes that aren’t up front. Science proved that as several medical, scientific, and actuaries came out swinging. The district tried bullying the accident commission. They eventually came clean as the truth set them free to purge themselves. They wasted time and resources of other public services when citizens needed them and they could have been serving and protecting citizens rather than themselves. Then forced onto the trains they tried a belligerent arrest. That didn’t work and I helped them understand how it is for those of us with real PTSD. They hugged each other under CCTV bleating thank you at me. I barely used anything but my voice. Posturing.

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      5. A shame they don’t spend more time learning how to clean a weapon… takes up time chasing more money. Ever since I was a teenager I relied very heavily on the odds that most couldn’t plug a hole in the side of a dam.


  3. Well, not too dark, sounds harmless unless the wife catches a whiff or an actual disease…the man is getting off by getting away with his affair directly under his wife’s nose…so to speak. In his mind, he’s doing both at once. There’s the erotica, that would get him twice as hard and help him last twice as long. All IMO, of course. Curious habit tho.

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    1. I think it that fact she wants the wife to find out. And isn’t arsed. She’s using the husband she doesn’t actually want him for anything other than getting on better at work. So why reveal in wearing her panties?

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