Foot worshipped: knee high boots.

I think Iv said it before. Feet are absolutely minging!  But if you wanna wank over mine and pay me for it. Be my guest!

Today’s camming gent loved feet. He had messaged me before the session as I need some props.

He loved dressing feet. Ie painting nails and putting shoes on them to make them look how he likes. We’ve spoken on the phone before.He has a partner that he likes to wear knee high boots. He likes her to let him get her feet ready for fun. Then put the boots on for him. I asked him to bring the boots on camera. Black, shiny, very high heels and thigh length. Stripper boots.

I asked him to watch me exfoliate my feet. Then wash my feet, moisturise and the piece de resistance was to watch me paint each nail very carefully and slowly. In bright red varnish. (I really dragged it out lol)

I then had asked him to place the boots on a table. So he could kneel down in front of them. All the time I was touching a caressing my feet he was intensely watching. Getting more and more excited. At on point I asked him to touch the screen with his cock. whilst I put my feet right up to the camera. It was actually quite a big cock. I Could see him really enjoying playing with himself.

When the time came I asked him to face the boots and cum all over them shouting I love (inset my name) feet, I’m her foot slut and she knows it!

My job makes me laugh sometimes. The power to make men say things they would never normal say to a stranger always makes me smile.



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