The wife rings back

Iv never taken a more uncomfortable call in my life!

I could have put the phone down but she needed some answers and I wanted to be supportive, a woman to woman kinda thing I guess. It helped I still got paid lol

Now I still don’t know who her husband is. He could be a regular who has told me a load of rubbish. But from what she said I didn’t know who he was. She told me she had got over the shock and was now angry about him ringing the line. She was furious about the cost and his motivation.

From the off I told her I just do a job. She could ask me questions about it. But if she started to get aggressive I wouldn’t be taking it and would put the phone down. I told her I could only answer generic questions not relating to a person. She was ok about that. I could tell by her voice she was shaking. Not sure if that was anger or nerves.

She asked what was the reason men ring. I told her there are a few. Single and not getting any. Have a secret fetish they can’t talk about (double life) are in unhappy relationships where sex is concerned. Want to talk about new interests regarding sex. Are a sub and want a chat. But mainly they are horny and just want to get off asap.

Next question. Do you not feel guilty? no I said. It’s not real. And the fact is they could be meeting  real women and they aren’t. This pissed her off. She said she felt like it was the same on his part. She felt cheated on. At this point I decided to ask her if she knew why he rang the line. She said he wouldn’t say when she asked. Then in the nicest way I could. I told her there appears to be a communication issue in her relationship. She didn’t like me saying it. But she did agree.

She then freaked me out by asking what I had she didn’t. (that’s obviously hard to answer as I don’t know her) all I can say is I’m open-minded, none judgemental, never say no, I give each caller what they want.

She told me since she found out it has put a massive strain on her relationship. I told her im not to blame, im just a means to an issue. She started crying. (fuck don’t do that!)

I’m really sorry you feel bad right now but there isn’t anything else I can help you with. I can’t tell you anymore. Please don’t ring me again as I wont take your call. I think you should either speak to him or a counsellor. But don’t ring me again.

I wish I never engaged in this conversation. It was very uncomfortable and I am not sure I helped. I wont be doing it again. luckily this is the only parnter that hass ever rang. if i only get on ever two yrs I can cope with that lol


19 thoughts on “The wife rings back

  1. I think you were great. You told her things she needed to hear. You held your ground about how you were expecting to be treated. Perhaps she will grab the bull by his horns and try to engage in communication with her husband. That might actually help them.

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  2. I’m new to your blog, but you sound so clear yet compassionate about what you’re doing, and why. Plus I really respect how you treated the angry wife both times, well done! Your boundaries sound great : ) I’m looking forward to following along from here in Australia, cheers G

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  3. She’s obviously shocked because she thought her life was going one way, and then she discovered an unsuspected development that’s been going on behind her back. It really isn’t your fault, of course, but because she’s not talking to her husband she needs some answers from someone.

    It’s difficult to say where the communication breaks down. Is she rash and judgmental? Is he completely out of touch with himself and lacking vocabulary? Maybe she reacted badly to something he said, something she misinterpreted, and her reaction didn’t mean much to her but put him in a fright of future conflicts. Or maybe he’s simply duplicitous or ashamed of his desires and would hide them from anyone.

    You were very kind to walk her through this. It certainly wasn’t your responsibility and you owed her nothing, but you showed some compassion while being strong and professional, and hopefully this will mark the beginning of some positive change. If not, it’s still nothing to do with you.

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    1. I got the impression they had grown apart and for some reason she felt unable to speak to him or him her for that matter. which didn’t bode well for the future.

      I wouldn’t have be mean to her at all. theres no reason to. she just wanted to know about me and work. which is fare enough I guess

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      1. Sure, if she can ask questions without attacking or judging you, why not educate her? If she doesn’t learn about men in general, she’ll learn about the men she attracts.

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  4. Well, I liked how direct you are to say that “But mainly they are horny and just want to get off asap.” I definitely agree with this. Men are very sexual human being but sometimes there are deep issues that they cannot address and resorts to such answers and actions like what my husband did (went to massage spas with extra service) and or rings. All these girls, are just doing their JOB. True! non of these are real, just for short time pleasures.

    On the other hand, I empathized with the wife who called you, she must be finding answers and she must be really devastated to know that her husband finds refuge in that way. Definitely not of my higher values, the reason why I cannot accept such doing as well. I also tried dropping a message to one of the girls at the spa and I what I did was definitely not me and not classy. 😦

    You sure did handle the call well, it was a conversation that someone who wants some answers would really need. As per the call, I can sense that the wife also handled it right. If I would be in her shoes, I could be bursting and screaming all over the place. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Just want to ask a question: If you do have a boyfriend and find out that he rings or goes to elicit places, what would you do? Would you ring back? What’s your thoughts on this? 🙂

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    1. I don’t have a bf. But my ex did cheat on me when I was six mth pregnant. I kicked him out. I haven’t seen since. My son is five. Ex has never asked to see him. But if I did have a partner again I’d never have a conventional relationship again. I think it’s to hard. I’d never live with anyone again. He’d have to accept my job. It’s fake anyways I don’t actually meet these men. If my bf did stray I guess I want to know why. But Iv changed. I wouldn’t see it as the end. As long as he’s aware and accepts that I might do the same

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