Iv never put my finger up my arse

I’m not sure if this guy was on some sort of sexual freedom path. He had been single for a few months after a long relationship. He told me he had been in a sexual relationship that was very perfunctory. Like it was just getting a task over when it came to sex.

So now he wanted to try new things. But as a forty odd yr old guy. He didn’t have the confidence. I kind of felt sorry for him. He told me he wanted to try new things to see where he actually fitted in. I asked him what he wanted from me. He said he just wanted me to lead him in a wank. He wanted to cum. He wanted me to tell him what I would do for him if I was with him now. (obviously I thought I better not go to hard, I might frighten him lol)

So I told him I would come into the room. Dressed in sexy lingerie. I would sit next to him. Id start rubbing my hands on his legs, then id lean in to kiss him. Id start to undress him, kissing his body as I did. Id lay him on the bed at the end with his legs open, so I could play, lick and suck his cock. At the same time I could rub my thumb over his anal bud. At which point he said he’d never had that done. Oh really? I said. So you’ve never had a finger up your arse? I asked. No he said but I do know that it is meant to be a great experience for men. (during our chatting I could hear him wanking) Ok well I want you to rub your finger just over it right now. Is it there I asked? Yes he said. Suck your finger and get it wet I told him. I told him that I wanted him to edge it in to his arse. He was a little nervous, but did it for me. I feel so naughty he said (lol)

His breathing had changed. I told him to push it in as far as he could. I told him where the spot would be. I asked him to find it and rub it. It took a little while, but when he found it he left out a huge moan! omg, fuck! im gonna cum! (how quick! lol) he could hardly contain himself. I told him he was being a good boy for me.

I’m not sure if it was finding it and experiencing it, or the fact he was doing something he considered very naughty that made him cum so quick. But good luck to him trying new things, I think that’s great for anyone.

11 thoughts on “Iv never put my finger up my arse

  1. If my clit was where the prostate gland is located I’d have no qualms putting my entire hand up there. Kidding, mostly. A lot of men are fiercely against it, but in my experience those who aren’t have powerful orgasms.

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