Do you meet people?

I’m not really sure what people think they’re getting when they call sometimes.

I’m horny do you fancy meeting for a fuck? I think that was the second thing this caller said to me……my answer was er no for all I know you’ve got a dirty dick! Lol. He didn’t like that. Said I was out of order.

Hmmm I think you haven’t a clue about being out of order if you think I’m going to meet a fucking stranger who Iv never seen for sex….fucking cock!

Don’t think that lasted a minute hehe bye!

8 thoughts on “Do you meet people?

  1. Strange. I wonder how his parents met? I will never forget the 2 headed people I met in the Forest of Dean. My housemate said they are like the aristocracy only without the money.
    Sorry you aren’t appreciated by some people when you are trying to make a living x

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  2. Don’t you realize that sex workers of any type are super horny all the time and looking for sex with anyone in any way at any time. You sit at home masturbating until you can find any cock to scratch your itch. I’m amazed you don’t have 10-15 encounters every shift. Your home should have a revolving Ted light over the door. You should be paying these men for the privilege.

    Either that or hanging up on them. lol

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