I hate the C word

Ok so I know I swear A LOT. but actually in real life I don’t really. Its like when I am at work I put my filthy mouth on lol

But I really have to say I hate the word cunt….I struggle just writing it!

For some reason men seem to love it. I always try to use the word pussy, at a push twat. But I do get men who ask me to use the word cunt. I have a gent who just likes me to repeat the word with various levels of harness to the tone of my voice. It makes me cringe!

Is it me or does anyone else have this problem? or are there other words you don’t like?Β or am I just being odd lol

36 thoughts on “I hate the C word

  1. One of my friends feels the words ‘pole’ and ‘member’ and ‘center’ and ‘breasts’ are more appropriate. Makes me laugh, I use ’em all. I love words and the way they sound and their shape and color (yes, words have color and shape).

    I do have trouble saying some words because for some gosh darn reason I can’t say them properly. I can say linoleum with ease. Cinnamon and enemy (I even spelled that on wrong!) and Deuteronomy get me often…and I went to a bible college (yeah, I know, crazy, huh??) where two of those words were used often in Old Testament classes! The first one I love to cook with. Even if I can’t say it!!!

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      1. Brits sound great saying anything!!!!!!!!! There is some chick who does a podcast. Miss Kitten? One of my friends linked to her and god! She was talking to men, but it was so damn sexy!!!

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  2. Interesting! I don’t like the word cunt too much either, although its great in that its so archaic! It just seems to be so meaty and descriptive, I like that its naughty too, such a powerful word, you got to love that aspect of it, and just imagine, to reclaim it would be to somehow turn the tables! Cunts of the world unite! Its gona happen one day, and imagine the poor pathetic male egos falling down when that day comes, the day the word Cunt truly became one with superiority! πŸ™‚

    I got a bit carried away there, ok, back to reality – I do like it when women use that word, so perhaps I can identify with some of your callers on that one! πŸ˜€ Xx

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  3. I consider the effective use of vulgarity to be an art form. That said, I can only really think of one occasion when cunt was used artfully, and that was in the film The Exorcist. And it was used as an adjective. And spoken by Linda Blair with her head twisted backwards. In the voice of a drunken British sot she had just pushed out the window. “Do you know what she did? Your cunting daughter?!” I enjoyed that one. Otherwise, I tend to agree with you.

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  4. I’m with you..
    I hate when men use the word slut in sexual play..,

    I actually hate that ” P” word.. PUSSY..

    I always use kitty 🐱 in place of it..

    This dirty talking.. gets to me when it’s seems so demeaning..

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  5. I’ve got one girlfriend who loves the word cunt, and another girlfriend who would cut off my ‘nads if I even thought the word in her general direction. To each their own… I honestly can’t stand the slang “schlong.” Don’t know why, just sounds off to my ears.

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  6. I hate the C word. If someone called me that oh my fire would fly! When I met MS he didn’t use any of the body part slang words. It was only through me that he started saying pussy, cock etc. Only during our play though. He still hates blowjob and handjob… So I guess it is all a spectrum, and it is interesting to see where we all are on it.

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    1. Can’t say Iv been called that I know of. But man if soneone did I’d be raging!πŸ”₯ Yeah you’re right about the spectrum thing. I also think it depends on who you’re with and where you are. I swear soooooo much at work. But in real life not so much. I only really use fuck and cock and not really in a sexual way. More if someone cuts me up driving I’d shout fuck you cock out of the window lol

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  7. I like calling Donald Trump a stupid cunt. I sometimes imagine him with a nasty unwashed one instead of his ugly face. Or a crusty old dick, which works fine also. I never use the word “cunt” when referring to actual female genitalia, though, because I do like my nether parts….I just use it to insult or denigrate others. Now there’s a mean bitch for you!

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      1. It’s a totally objectifying word. Not soft and nice, like pussy, which can of course be very naughty. Cunt is blunt, not nice, and not jaunty like cock or even dick. Just…nasty, and not in the naughty sense of nasty. Old Cunt-face, the nastiest!

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