I am going to slap your bitch girlfriend

Do you smoke he asked? (I don’t) Yes I do why?  fuck I love a girl who smokes. Are you a bitch? He asked. I can be I responded. If you and I were having an affair would you be a bitch with my girlfriend? If that’s what was need, yes I said.

Tell me about her I asked. She’s small, blonde, quiet, a real girly girl. She’s not like you. You’re like a fucking amazon or something! Would you go to her work and wait outside for her? Show her what a real women looks like? I’d love it if you teased her, knowing she couldn’t do anything about it he said.

I’d like it if she walked in on us fucking on the sofa in my house. What would you do to her if she started to mouth off? (at this point I was getting the feeling he wanted me to humiliate her or something along those lines)

Id tell her to shut up. I’m in charge and I will do what I want. I would make her come into the room. Id drag her in, she wouldn’t be able to fight me, being as she is such a skinny ass little bitch! shed be wriggling trying to resist. But im to powerful and strong for her. Id ask you to put a chair in the middle of the room. Id make her sit on it, then tie her to it. Id spit in her face and tell her you’re mine now. Id slap her face and make fun of her small tits, how puny and insignificant she is.  Id open her shirt and pull her bra off. Id enjoy slapping her nipples. slapping and pinching her. Id make her say that she’s a dog Id request that you get me a collar and lead. Then id ask you to put the collar on, untie her make her get on her knees. I want you to put the lead on. I want you to tell her I’m going to take her for a walk around the garden.

The neighbours might be watching and laughing at her. But that’s ok, I don’t mind. I’m going to drag this bitch around the garden, showing her off. Every time she moans or resists I want you to slap her. She must learn to be a good doggy!

44 thoughts on “I am going to slap your bitch girlfriend

      1. well yes that’s a good point……I don’t think id be able to take it serious anyway. When I spoke to that guy I just didn’t get it. I pissed my side laughing when I put the phone down. I shall stick to what I know. That keeps me entertained enough lol

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  1. You are like wearing a mascot suit. Once inside you can do anything and you are perfectly safe. I enjoy the bizarre stories you share. So much fun! Do you get only locals? If you were in the store and heard the dog man’s voice shopping in front of you…OY!

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    1. I get people from all over the UK. There’s only a few local that call. I’m trying to figure out international stuff with the multi line at the minute. Maybe Australia, USA ect….although a friend suggested UAE. Im waiting to find out costs etc

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