The day of two minuet wankers!

The two minutes wanker is described by me as someone who calls as he’s about to cum. My calls normally last anywhere from 15-60 mins the phone cuts off at 60. People have to ring back, which they do. But these guys just waste my fucking time! absolute cocks they are!

These two-minute wankers just piss me right off!! Grrrr. Absolute waste of my time. There’s normally porn in the background when they call. They are normally younger guys, who just wants to hear a woman’s voice. I rarely have to say much other than my name and tell me what porn you’re watching, before the phone goes down. It’s so annoying!

What pisses me off is that I could be chatting to someone else who will last longer, the two minuet toss pots make it so others can’t get through! I’m thinking of putting a bloody time limit on calls that they have to pay for even if they don’t use the time! they waste my time so I will waste and take money from theirs. So much so I gave up today…..

Rant over and breath!

20 thoughts on “The day of two minuet wankers!

  1. Bars can enforce a two drink minimum policy, so I think you have every right to enforce a minimum call time limit. If the guy gets off within the first 2 minutes, then make him stay on the line and listen to pre-recorded elevator music for another 18 minutes.

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    1. 2 drinks for these people probably gets them in a cell for the night with charge sheets in the morning. Coincidentally these are the idiots who have made help like AA a dangerous place for real alcoholics. Lol

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  2. I cannot think of a single situation where a two-minute wank is a good thing… setting a minimum sounds like it might work out for you. Maybe something like “All Calls cost BLANK, and calls over five minutes are charged BLANK per minute after that.”

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