Take my babies

Ok so I found this a bit strange at the time. But thinking about it, it’s probably what’s programmed into men…ie spreading their seed.

It started off with him doing his I’m super smooth and a completely irresistible guy routine. There’s kind of calls I find boring. Mainly because they do all the talking and I have to listen (Iv the attention span of a nat) So it’s hard if I’m not involved or talking.

He talked about how he would make love to me. Going through it step by step. Kissing me caressing me. Licking and teasing me. My main focus was to moan in the appropriate place.

The thing that stood out was when he was about to cum. He shouted take my babies. I’m gonna make you pregnant and you’re gonna have my babies. I love you! Β Tell me you love me to. (now I can’t tell men in real life I love them. But lying about it felt easy, so I said it back in my most seductive way) then he cum.

Odd what makes it for some men?

34 thoughts on “Take my babies

  1. People in extreme economic insecurity with all sorts of problems tend to breed a lot… we even gave the $6000 for each birth under one government. Disaster.

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      1. Well you can’t really say that about people who have issues.i know ppl who would have taken that who don’t have issues …but I can say. I have one child because at the time I couldn’t afford another. I’m too old now for another.

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      2. Each of us answers only to ourselves and our own higher sense of… whatever each calls it. I certainly don’t let any other person stand in judgement of me though some can and my body may be controlled by them. Otherwise I have my own inner peace and sense of whether I should or shouldn’t do something. I seek to harm none… though I have the capabilities to do a hell of a lot in this world. Meditate and contemplate works for me. If I had the means I would go fishing

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      3. I was brought up to prostitute myself and get my hands dirty if I wanted a good career that helped others. Predominantly Scottish family… the women are tough.

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      4. I was going somewhere in life until depression. Never committed a crime though those of us with intelligence and principles get turned into the great secret in the mental health system. An inconvenient truth. Working women have loved me and helped me know when my head has been up my ass. Otherwise I have survived a lot of blues.

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      5. If I were a turd polisher I would be the best turd polisher ever. I take pride in what I do. I guess I came from a background of cleaning up mess and vomit that tough guys vomited on top of when they got too close. For me it was an opportunity to have a 5 minute cigarette without anyone working for me talking shit in my ear πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜

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      6. These are the things that those us who are marginalized and remember occurring… well we can be furrher marginalized in many parts of the society for recalling. Especially if we don’t drink or use any drugs. Many of us cannot even afford to go out anywhere that we might develop enough rapport to get a hug. Including a brothel. In fact we are all educated enough ask if we have the right to do something just because we want to

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  2. In Maslow’s Hierarchy human needs are grouped from basic to higher level. Maslow believed that once those basic needs are met we attempt to have the higher level needs met but the need to be loved can rank higher in importance than physiological needs (food, water, shelter). Humans are odd creatures but I’ll die trying to understand the species!

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  3. I have a sex buddy, he is from a lower economic background and he tends to always tell me : What if I’m your husband, what kind of a wife will you be, how many kids will we have, the next time we have sex lets do it without a condom, I want to put my seed in you…….. total turnoff totally …….. ha ha ha

    I used to think this is the way he thinks …….

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      1. ha ha even if I was serious with the guy I would of not liked it unless of course we were planning a baby. Then maybe he could say it the way they say it in Game Of Thrones – Will plant my seed in you, that’s a bit more tolerable…. ha ha ha

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