Shhhh if anyone asks I work in a call centre

I went to my friends 40th birthday on Friday. She’s not the average, more than a bit eccentric, batty and the funniest person I know. She and a group of my friends all met at uni doing art degrees. So some off them are a little out there to say the least. Which I love. Interesting and different people.

She and a few close friends there know what I do. They find it hilarious. I don’t like telling strangers for fear of judgement. Or the that’s amazing tell me about it conversation. Which I get a lot. So I say I work in a call centre lol.

So anyways at this party there was a guy I’ve not seen in over 13ish yrs. I had a fling with him yrs ago. He’s a uni friend of my close friends.

I didn’t think anything about seeing him. But as was normal he was sat close by. We had a chat. The usual how’s life things, are you with anyone (He’s not) a bit of flirting, wow you’ve got a son etc…….before we were interrupted with has she told you about her job yet!?

For fucks sake shut the fuck up! I work in a call centre I said. But my friend had a drink and was to busy goading me on. Well it’s not really a call centre is it, she said laughing (she wasn’t being mean) So with my best evil eye I’m staring at her as if to say shut the fuck up! But alcohol had got her!

Out of all their uni friends he’s the most straight-laced. Got a proper serious job. Went to private school. Wealthy parents etc. So I didn’t really want to tell him because I knew what was coming. But my friend had other ideas.

He looked shocked. He laughed and asked am I joking. Errrrr no I said. Why are you doing that? If I remember you had a good job. What’s made you do that? He quizzed. I could tell he thought it was a bad move. A little seedy. He seemed like I’d let myself down or something. Like he felt sorry for me.

Now as much as my plan was to hopefully have a bit of fun with him. I was now more than a bit miffed off. So I turned the tables! So I asked how many hours do you work? About 45 he said. I work about 12 I said. What do you earn an hour? He told me but I earned more, plus it will be a lot more soon with my new line. Do you get a life? Can you choose your own path at work? Do you have a boss? Er yes. No. Yes he said….

Well now you look like a right mug to me mate! I beat you on all levels. So now it’s me who feels sorry for you. So don’t feel like you have the right to look down your nose at me! I’m glad you feel like you’ve done well as a wage slave. But that’s not the kind of slave I like! Lol

We carried on chatting throughout the night. But that flirting had gone. It did make me think about how much Iv changed over the yrs. And that once I was like him, which made me shudder.


39 thoughts on “Shhhh if anyone asks I work in a call centre

  1. “And that once I was like him, which made me shudder.” – this hit home for me because I was also once like him, and I can’t stand to think about it. I’m glad I have changed.

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      1. Yes really lol. I am very grateful to you. I have only been reading your blog for a couple of weeks, but so many of your posts relate to things I am trying to deal with, and I find your point of view and they way you express it very helpful in making sure I am making my own decisions, not ones based on how I used to be

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  2. I rarely have contact face to face with anyone from my past, however, when I do I am often surprised in the changes that I have made and the person I have become. That is not a one way statement of positivity; Actually it often is as I’ve been lucky to make some good decisions! I’m considering changing direction from wearing a suit to heavy duty clothing for work. It does feel like a step down, which financially it will be, but I need to be happy with who I am. Your job is different by everyday perceptions, however, it’s your job, your life and you seem pretty sorted with it all. Is that a phone I hear ringing?

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    1. I think there’s only one person that can make you happy and that’s you. You clearly (like me) make choices that are different from the norm. But that’s what makes the world go around, variety and creativity…..good for you x

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  3. I worked in one place for about 6 years in the first 10 years of being sober. Over that time people from work often asked me what I did in the evenings. Rather than say I was at a meeting I said I was in a writing hroup working on a book. I think I tried to tell the truth and they didn’t believe me. One night at a meeting I told the group about this situation. They all laughed. A couple of years later an older friend revealed he had used the same lie when his workplace put him on the spot. All he could manage at the time was to remember my bullshit. He said he was then in trouble because his whole company was anticipating his book and HR was putting it in the newsletter

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      1. The guy passed away a couple of years now unfortunately. Qas a great guy and his widow was a bit younger. They had twins. Really good people. Bernie helped a lot of people in this city. He never got over the suicide of his eldest son from his first marriage. Must have been sober 30+ years when he got cancer. People like that helped me put Humpty Dumpty back together.

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  4. I get the condescending comments, too. I graduated and have done nothing of social or financial distinction. Working with kids mostly as a volunteer doesn’t appear to make people think you are worth while. I enjoy you and am glad you are in my list of favorite people.

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    1. Working with kids is such an important job–and to volunteer makes you soooo special. I’m glad you can live without making much money but what you do is a reason to be proud. So many ignore kids or criticize how they act/are. Tell me how that makes the world a better place. What you are doing is positive AND is making the world better. There can be no higher calling.

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    1. 16 at max! Lol I used to work 50 but I never saw my son. I will never work those hours again. It’s took me two yrs of building regular clients to get her. And when I get the ladies working for me. I won’t work as much. I didn’t do it initially for money. It was about time. It just worked out better financially as well.

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  5. I can click with what you said – people do change, and then people who haven’t try to drag you back to where you were its important sometimes to be proud of your new you, and your individuality! 🙂

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  6. Well played and well handled. When people project stigma over my history of sex work or ask questions I don’t describe the experience, I describe being paid £100 for an hours work, chosing when to work, and having the rest of my time to myself with no boss and no office politics and no one to answer to.

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  7. I swear over here no one ever bats an eyelash if they hear you work in the sex, porn, or dream industry. It’s almost weird if you don’t know anyone who dabbled in it. Funny thing is, it’s always been around me one way or another, but I never considered doing it. Not my thing. Not judging. Just wouldn’t be a good fit, same way being a chef or a doctor wouldn’t be a good fit. And yet I end up having the best conversations with people working in the sex industry. Opposites attract and all.

    I think the judgment comes from it all being shrouded in mystery. They should honestly teach about different types of jobs that involve sex in schools during Health or Sex Ed. It would go a long way.

    Funny thing about the call center scenario was, I worked in a regular call center for three weeks, and one of the managers approached a few of us, saying he was leaving and wanted to build up his own sex line. Did we want to come work for him.

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