Creepy voice sissy

I think a voice is very important, particularly as I work on a phone mainly. I’ve spoken to a chap a couple of times, and I can safely say his voice is soooo creepy.  It’s like that guy out of the carry on films,  Kenneth Williams with a touch of slimy creepiness added in.

He called today in full dress. Stockings, lingerie, make-up and a pair of heels. His voice coupled with his heavy breathing didn’t make this a pleasurable experience for me. He had a butt plug in which he was clearly enjoying. He wanted to tell me about his experience over the week-end with a couple. He uses sites to meet couples so he can be a cum slut. I didnt say much as he wanted to tell me his stories, in the most animated and theatrical way! so over the top.

He told me about how he sucked the mans cock, got spanked, fucked up the arse. sat in the corner like a good bitch. Watched and the man fucked his wife but then got to lick her pussy clean afterwards. They took pictures of him dressed up. They have put them online, which he likes. He also had to change the bedding afterwards. Obviously it was a bit more in-depth than what I’m saying. But all I could think about was fuck your voice is freaking me out. You’re so creepy, you make my skin crawl.

Isn’t it weird how a voice can do that to me?

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