Heels, stockings, feet

My feet are minging! I hate them. Although they are very small for my height. I do paint my nails and look after my feet. But all in all feet a fucking awful!

I’ve been speaking to a guy who likes me to put heels on and walk around while I’m talking to him. Just so he can hear the heels on the floor. He had said that he’d love to see and touch my feet. Oh really? Well I can show you on camera if you’d like? Oh yes I’d love that.

So today in a pre arranged session I showed them to him. I put on stockings with a seam up the back. I wore 50s inspired lingerie. Full panties, a waspie and full bra. The heels were 5 inch. I asked him to stand up naked and watch me walking around while we just chatted about normal things, how much he liked what I was wearing and me (that’s me just wasting time) All the time we were talking he was hard. I asked him not to play with his cock until I was ready.

When I was actually sure id wasted enough time to make this worth it. I sat down on the sofa where I knew the camera would get a better view. I held my leg up so he had a good view of my shoes. I started taking them off. very slowly talking about hem in detail. Do you like the heel? do you like the pattern and shape? he loved the tease! do you want me to take them off so you can wank? oh fuck yes please let me wank, please…..ok then but I want you to do it slowly.

As I took my shoes of it exposed the foot of the stocking. I showed him the sole of me foot. I run my finger down it. I bet you wish it was you cock doing this? yes I loved nylon on my cock. I bet you’d like a nice foot wank. Placing your cock in-between my feet. Rubbing up and down. Feeling that nylon gliding over your cock. Seeing your pre cum glisten against the blackness?

I knew he was really excited about that. Do you want to see my feet? OMG yes you’re so fucking horny I wish I was there to lick and taste them. Suck your toes mmmmm. So with that I took the stockings off slowly.  I held my feet up to the camera, so all he could see was my feet. I told him to wank till him cum. Which obviously he did lol

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