What do callers expect from me?

After yesterdays wife call. I was thinking about what callers expect from me?

I work in two ways. Firstly on a line for a company. This is where I get customers to follow me and pay me directly. Bad I know but needs must. Some I speak to once and some I build a relationship with. But the mainly I work for me.

Callers expect that I will accept and turn my hand to anything that lives in their fantasy world. For the most part I do. As long as its legal and they are not trying to be dom with me (we all know I can’t be sub). But outside of the sex aspect what’s the deal?

Whilst my personality is me. I am lying from the second I speak to them. They don’t even know my name. I give falsehoods on purpose. I judge and bend calls in a way I want them to go, over and over. I fain interest for my own interests. Surely they know that right? They can’t believe I have these convos ever day but they are special? Do they think they need to be more honest than I am to get there kinks fulfilled?

Do they consider anything outside of the calls. Last wk a gent had his mother turn up in the middle of a call. Yesterday a wife called. Iv never once had a conversation about what to say to a partner if they found out. The assumption is they won’t get caught and I will keep confidence (I did yesterday) It serves both our purpose for me to do this. But does that make me complicit in the betrayals partners could be experiencing. Do callers expect that I’m OK with that? Or am I a dispensable none thought in an act I facilitate?

I don’t think there is a responsibility on my behalf as a person, if it’s not me. It might be someone for real! An actual affair. So do I save relationships?  I had a tiny flicker of guilt yesterday. But that soon dissipated…..

I offer a service that’s not real. The caller makes a choice I don’t force them. They have all the moral responsibility in my mind. Not me!



4 thoughts on “What do callers expect from me?

  1. I absolve you! lol. You’re just trying to pay the bills. Anyone can call and I’m a perfect world married men might call with their wives sitting in or at least knowing/giving permission. I would think you do save relationships. Maybe you actually help provide the impetus for men to actually speak with their wives about sex and desires.

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