Oh fuck!!! A call from a wife!

I do have a telephone voice which I use. I get told it’s very sexy. But I didn’t need it today.

When I answered the call I heard a ladies voice say hello. I automatically assumed she had the wrong number. I apologised then went to put the phone down. I could hear her saying no its you I want to speak to. I don’t do girl on girl calls I told her. It was then she lost her rag. Will you just stop talking and listen to me. Er ok!

My husband calls this number she said. She was crying I think. Her voice was shaky. Oh ok I said. (I’m not going to be an arse with her.) So how can I help you I asked. Why would my husband ring you? she said. Do you know what this number is? Not really she responded…

Oh right well now I feel like a right dick having to tell her. Its a sex/chat line…….silence…….its a what! why would he call here? what do you mean sex line? …. I talk to men about sex and fantasy. (as this point I was expecting her to start calling me a whore or something, she didn’t) Is it to get them off? do you meet them? I could hear anger in her voice. No I don’t meet them. Its just over the phone. Most of the callers just want a chat if Im honest. but id say 80% of them wank to get off as well. So its phone sex? she asked. Well yes. Its just a service……A service!! Im disgusted with him (Im not offended) he rings you for phone sex, behind my back. Lies to my face! I thought he was having a fucking affair! but instead hes ringing some random woman on a sex line to get his thrills. I absolutely fuming. Im so angry with him, how dare he! (I let her rant as it wasn’t really aimed at me) Do you know him she asked…..she gave me his name and told me a bit about him. I said no I didn’t (even if I did I wouldn’t have said) What’s your name she asked. So I told her, well my online name that is.

I don’t know what to do she said. She was clearly upset. (I didn’t want to make that worse) I wasn’t expecting this. In some ways I am glad your not having an affair with him. But in other ways he’s still cheating. I feel betrayed….I didn’t know what the fuck to say! so I just said this….. What I do isn’t real. Its just a job. I think you should speak to him about why he feels the need to call this line. Maybe you can sort this out. If you wanted to ring me back you can. If not that’s fine to. But I am going to put the phone down now and let you get on with it.

Its not my problem to deal with. I don’t have a right to get involved. Its the first time this has ever happened. I knew one day it  might. I felt really nervous for some reason. But at the same time sorry for her. I always view what I do as a bit of fun. But I guess its not for partners if it upsets them. Its not made me think I need to stop doing it or anything. My sons needs come first. But it has made me think maybe its not as fun and carefree as Id lead myself to believe.

16 thoughts on “Oh fuck!!! A call from a wife!

  1. I totally hear you. I am friends with quite a few single girls who don’t need a partner to make money. I work with other guys who are sportsman and sometimes trying to live like rock stars yet can hardly sing happy birthday. It shits me how cheats roll and most of that is because they hurt people. I have never enjoyed seeing others hurt and I never liked bullies at school hacking crap on defenseless kids. I wouldn’t participate and I guess my natural weaponry has meant I have never copped too much.
    It isn’t about the act so much. You have been deceived by this guy too. Blokes hate it when they get called out for being the woman beaters they are even if the violence isn’t physical.
    Weak pricks. A lot of blokes hate me for this. Their balls always shrink though when they start lining me up. Like last Thursday in the changerooms. When a blue is about to start the whole pack change their minds and give each other up. I feel sorry for the women stupid enough to marry them.

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      1. If she’s calling you though he’s involved you in something he hasn’t been up front with. My friends call it baggage in the industry.


      2. most of the guys I speak to have others halves. im aware of that. He doesn’t need to be upfront with me. its none of my business. obviously I don’t expect wives to call. but I guess that’s part of the risk I take when doing this job

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  2. I think you handled it well. You might have suggested that it is a wake-up call. If she loves him then perhaps a chat about what he is missing from the marriage could bring them closer together. I need to be dommed. If I wasn’t getting that from my Queen, I would likely look outside my marriage for it. So we have had that conversation and my Queen is okay with this lifestyle. However if I hadn’t had the courage to speak with her, it might not have happened.

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  3. Ok…….. let me tell you what I think.
    At the end of the day your human, you have feelings too, your a good person, you don’t want to hurt anyone. So this will happen. Women will call, the way you handled this call is commendable. Once the call is over ponder on it for a while and get back to your life. This is your profession, it’s okay to allow your heart to rule for a few minutes, but at the end of the day it should be your mind. I have been in this situation before (the woman’s situation) she is sacred, hurt, and pained. Neither you nor the woman are at fault. So if someone calls sympathise with them, that’s all you can do ….. but don’t stop these calls ……… at the end of the day you need to provide for your son too.

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  4. A conundrum I hadn’t thought of. Do you know which client it is? Are you going to fire the client? Is there a client confidentiality issue?

    I have so many questions…. ha.

    You were a champion in the way you handled her. I think I would’ve just hung up rather than entertain her issues. It’s HER problem in her end, not yours, though your compassion is sweet. ❤️

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