Men can be so primal

Enough with the used panties what does your cunt smell like chat…..Fucking roses mate! Arghhhh

Iv been getting lots of calls recently regarding used panties. Other people’s used panties. My used panties! Any dirty smelly panties that have been worn for a while, you get the pic.

Is this a primal thing? Like when dogs sniff dogs? Lol. Do all men like them?  or is it what they represent?….. I’m not saying I wouldn’t sell used panties (I do) or partake in putting used panties in someones mouth to shut them up lol

But with these guys it’s all about smell and taste, like it’s a throwback primal behaviour thing. My ex used to like the smell of my bra when I took it off. He said I had a nice smell. I never got what he was on about. Plus I couldn’t smell it myself, so I had no clue.

Women can be self-conscious of “smells” down there. Or not looking right etc. So I think maybe its a bit weird for us to think about men liking the smell of an unwashed pussy, dirty panties etc….. I’m deducing its all about pheromone’s. That’s what men are attracted to and not the potentially unhygienic aspect of used/dirty panties. Women obviously produce pheromones when aroused which has an effect on men. Maybe there’s an instant reaction to pheromones that men want to connect with, they get a high and sexually aroused from them. All I know is I get a lot of panty calls and it all seems a bit caveman to me.




12 thoughts on “Men can be so primal

  1. Yep, pheromones. That’s exactly what it is. And yes, primitive! I’ve always enjoyed seeing other species do things that humans do. We think we’re so special! But my breeding stallion just HAD to spend a decent amount of time sniffing the mare’s, uh, pussy (?), as he got himself up for the job. My billy goat (whose name was Bill) did all kinds of things, all the way from sweet to really perv. Et cetera. So these dudes who call you are just the white, pathetic human version (if they knew that Bill could suck himself off, because his dick was about two feet long, they would all die of envy). I’m certain that if my nanny goats had had panties, Bill would’ve been all about that!

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  2. I recognize the fetish, but don’t really have it myself. However occasionally my Queen will remove her panties and gag me–I do find that really erotic. But I think it’s the display of her power rather than the panties that turns me on.

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  3. I used to think this was something just shown in porn or in films……… I think women are more sensitive towards smells, maybe men are okay with it…… next time ask your caller if he wants a blood stained panties, I would love to know his reaction. Men gross out on blood.

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