Im loving the authors

OK so I’m not a great writer. Dyslexia is a bloody nightmare! I do enjoy reading, but it takes me a bit longer than most.

When I decided to write about my slightly odd job I didn’t think anyone would read it. So I’m really happy that people do. As a result of this engagement it has given me the opportunity to read and get involved in other peoples blogs. I must say I’m loving it. Its like you get a little window into people.

When I’m speaking to people here they tell me that they feel free and are able to express thoughts and lifestyles they wouldn’t be able to in everyday life.

I think that’s great for them, but it’s better for me. I get to read some amazing things here. There’s some great blogs. It’s been kind of educational and at the same time almost voyeuristic. I only really get a male perspectives in my work. So it’s been great to get female insights. Iv found some of the bdsm relationship writing fascinating. The dynamics in their relationships, both in and out of the bedroom has been very insightful and interesting. I enjoy other people’s views on what I do, I didn’t know what to expect. Iv been pleasantly surprised. So thank you guys.

Iv found some really lovely people who I think in real life I might get along with. So all in all after being a person who ordinarily fucking hates social media or anything like that. Iv loved being here.

17 thoughts on “Im loving the authors

  1. I started my blog in February, prior to that I was constantly cranky and irritated. So many thoughts and I didn’t know where to go whom to talk to. I’m a private person and have difficulties in sharing and maintaining friendships. Socialising for me is an outing with my doggie. Blogging has given me peace. It’s very cathartic. Also when you read about someone else you realise that your not alone. There are many out there………. like you ………….. Also out here you can speak your mind and not get judged. I have blogged about things I would never ever tell anyone.

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  2. I think you write pretty well. The dyslexia thing isn’t noticeable. Your stories are interesting and told with a sense of humour. Thanks for following me but more thanks for writing. I do look forward to your posts.

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  3. I also enjoy WordPress for the diverse writing that is here. I agree about having a snapshot into people’s lives and it is fascinating. I love the openness and sharing that comes from the anonymity. I can’t tell this stuff to other friends so it has been good for me to have an outlet. I enjoy reading your blog so thank you for sharing 😊

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