Never leave a workman in your home

I used to leave work men in my house while I nipped out to do things. But I don’t any more for the reason I’m about to say. It’s not the first time I have had this kind of call. But it’s probably the most unnerving Iv had so far.

When this caller rang he was already playing, moaning and heavy breathing down the phone. I normally ask where people are. To make sure they aren’t using someone else’s phone. He told me he was at work but using his own phone.

Ok, what do you do? I’m a plumber. Are you in someones house? Yes! Very naughty I said with a giggle. I’m in the bathroom next to the laundry basket he said. I asked if he had been looking in it. Yes he said. Iv been licking the dirty knickers in it. They belong to the owner…. You dirty bastard! You have to face her later I bet you love that don’t you? Yes I do he said. I wank till I cum then I put them back. I do it a lot in peoples homes. I don’t get caught because they go straight in the washing machine. I just get off on the fact Iv done it.

But today Iv gone one further. Really? I asked, how so? I went into her bedroom. I found her toys. I have a small vibrator rubbing on the bud of my arse. It feels amazing. I want you to give me permission to continue using it? Oh you’re going to have to beg me for that!

Beg me? And properly, I want to hear how much you want my approval.

Dialing tone! How dare you! Either he got too excited. The owner came back. Or he didn’t like my tone!

Either why he just put the phone down. Rude Bastard!

21 thoughts on “Never leave a workman in your home

  1. I would go apeshit if ever I found someone exploring my home and worse yet using our toys. They are difficult to find, so much “exploration ” would be required. I think most people doing these jobs have a lot more integrity.

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  2. I have trouble having the health nurse use mum’s bathroom…but that is mostly cuz it isn’t as clean as I’d like! And I hate having phone or TV people come in the house. Yuck!! I sure hope you got paid for that dropped call!

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