You wanna be a what!?

Honestly what’s going on with people right now. I heard the oddest thing today. It’s the first time Iv just not got it. Also the first time Iv not taken a call seriously. Mainly because I was to busy saying what the fuck!!!!! At the same time trying not to be rude (or less rude should I say)

I pride myself on accepting what ever people tell me or want to talk about. But I just couldn’t today.

It started off with him asking if I was dominant? Yes I can be I said. Have you ever taken a guy for a walk on a lead? Not in public I responded, but I would. Are you into that I asked….errrrr kind of he said. Oh right well would you care to elaborate?  After much telling me he’s normal and it’s just a thing. I was losing patience (WTF is it!) er I’d like to be a human dog (I’m so glad it was on the phone I nearly spat my tea out!) er you like what? (I know what it is, but Iv never actually met one)

I like the thought of being a human dog. A pet for you, it’s not weird. It just a form of escapism he explained. Oh right er how does this happen? Well I like to roll about being tickled. Play fetch. I have pet food. A lead etc. All this things a dog would have. I don’t have a suit yet. But Iv seen one I’m buying.

So is this like a dom/sub thing?  I guess you could see it like that. But if I’m honest I’m not sure that it is sexual. Obviously I do get horny. But mainly its about not being me, being what I want to be, not feeling the pressure to be a man. Having fun and feeling love. Does that make sense? Yeah I guess so……I guess I just like the freedom I get from it.

So why do you want to talk to me? Well I just want to talk about it. My ex didn’t get it. Hence why I’m single. Oh I’m sorry to hear that I said.

If I had a costume would you like to see it? Yes of course I would (you can wear what you want as long as you pay) Would you be able to ask me to do tricks and dog related activities? Yeah of course. Great! So when I get my costume I will ring back.

All the way through this very civil and polite call I’m so glad he couldn’t see me, because my face was screwed up in a wtf questioning expression. When it wasn’t it was trying not to laugh!

If he does want to cam I will take it seriously. But for now my thoughts are ffs what the actual fuck! These callers are crazy!!!!

20 thoughts on “You wanna be a what!?

      1. Gods, hope he’s not into bestiality. Shudder!!!!!!!! Hoping he is just wanting to do normal dog sorts of things! Mayhap you can have him fetch the paper and while he’s out, you can nap. Getting paid for his fetching and your napping!

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  1. Treat him like a dog. I’ve read about this fetish and while some people seem to get off on it–many just like the comfort of not having any control! Use his toys and try and forget he’s human! Again this is a fetish that hurts no one. So despite it being unusual have fun with it.

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      1. hahahahha, you better BRING that obedience training to him. NO one likes a bad doggie! That’s right! Who’s a good boy?? NOT YOU!!! Now lick my feet, you mangy mutt!!!


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  2. Matched with a guy who wanted that on Bumble; whatever floats your boat but I wasn’t into it. If it requires more of my time and energy than I’m willing to provide it’s off, ha ha.

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