Have I been spotted?

Because I use actual pics of me, plus I do cam work. I’m always a little bit worried I might be spotted by a caller. I know that sounds a little paranoid. But I do speak to people who live very close to me. One gent lives very close to my brother.

I don’t wear makeup in the day but I do on camera. My pics are pretty glam too. But you still know it’s me albeit a bit more glam.

Today I went out for lunch. Nothing exciting about that. But the thing that made it stand out more than all the other times Iv been out for lunch. Was the gent who kept staring at me. Before you say it, it wasn’t in a I kind of fancy you kinda way. It was more in a I’m sure I know you confused trying to figure something out kinda look. I do often get told by both men and women I look like someone they know. Which I find odd. But this guy was looking at me in a way as if to say, Is that you? Like he was expecting me to initiate a conversation or something.  I’d never do that anyway. I’m pretty anti social when I’m out. So I just looked away, giving him a dirty look as I did.

I use up all my charm at work so I just can’t be fucking arsed to speak to people I don’t know in public. So it’s not me you cock, now fuck off!

So with my over thinking paranoid head on I think this guy might have known me from work. I don’t like that at all!! I don’t like when my life and work mix and I don’t have control (I know I’m a control freak) safety is something I take very seriously. So I shall be giving that place a swerve from now on!


10 thoughts on “Have I been spotted?

  1. I suppose it’s possible. But I would think it hugely unlikely that anyone who recognized you would dare to confront you. More likely is that the next time they call they will mention that they saw you at “place”. At that point you can state with a laugh that you’ve never been to that restaurant. And then move on.

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