Picking my used panties out by my teeth

What are you wearing he asked. Do you want the truth?  I asked. Yes I do he said. Ok Iv got jeans and a vest on. Any panties he asked. No or a bra I responded. (I actually rarely wear underwear unless it’s for cams or sex)

Oh that’s a shame he said. Do you have any in the laundry? Yes I do (I didn’t. I’d done all my laundry) where is the basket he asked?  It’s in the bathroom why? He asked if I could go up there and tell him everything that was in there including panties. (never had anyone want to know everything! As it was empty. I lied) I gave him a list of everyday things which included 4 pairs of used panties.

He asked me to describe them in detail. Including any marks and smells on them, which I did. I told him my panties are always wet because of my job. He loved this.

He asked if I had a towel rail. Er yes I do. I’d love to tie you to that with your used dirty panties, then ask you to fish out your other dirty panties with your teeth while I sat and played with my cock. Can you stand next to it. Bang on it so I know you’re there.

Fuck I’d teach you such a lesson if I was there right now you dirty little slut!  I’d fuck you so hard you’d not know what’s happened to you, you fucking whore! Yes but I’m your dirty whore and that’s what you like isn’t it? You dirty bastard. You’re desperate to taste my wet panties and my gorgeous pussy aren’t you? Fuck yes my cock is throbbing so much I wanna teach you a lesson right now you naughty girl. Are you gonna to make me cum? I asked Yes I fucking am!

So with that he asks if he can hear how wet my pussy is (in my mouth my fingers go) Oh I love how wet you get he said. I want to hear you cum. Play with that cunt til you cum for me…

When harrying met sally has nothing on me. So with my best moaning/camming acting skills I gave him what he wanted to hear. He lapped every second of it up! Sucker! Hehe



8 thoughts on “Picking my used panties out by my teeth

  1. You are talented–fingers in mouth! Woo hoo. He wanted to lap up every second… lol And yet while you were acting he was believing so for him he was watching you do exactly as you described. This is the only way that phone sex can work. But I think it takes a talented woman to pull it off consistently. Btw, I agree with Kris!

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