Reluctant cuck


This gent has been in a cock cage for three yrs on and off. Today due to an unforseen incident he was free. I asked where his wife was. She’s at work he replied. Does she know you’re ringing me? No he said. Hehe you’ll be in trouble If she finds out! I know but it’s worth it. She will be fuming he said.

Iv got a little cock. My wife controls what happens. She chose me because of my small cock. She’s a hotwife. That’s what she’s always wanted to be he said. Are you reluctant in this? I asked. Yes, I know you’re going to say I must like it in some way. But I hate watching her fuck other men. When was the last time? Saturday, she joined a cuckold website from where she invited two bulls over,  so she could fuck them (now we get to why he engages)

What’s your involvement?  I have to suck the cock for her. Do you like it? Yes I love a hard cock I’m my mouth. I love cum in my mouth too. Did they fuck you? Yes they did. But only after she had finished with them. Did they cum? Yes in my arse. I had to lick it out of my wife as well.

So you’re not that reluctant really are you?

19 thoughts on “Reluctant cuck

  1. Sounds to me that someone likes it more than he’s willing to admit! My Dom’s Mentor has a wife who is somewhat like this. She really enjoys being submissive, and being forced to do things like wait on her husband naked, etc. but after D/s play she always gets this guilty feeling like she ‘shouldn’t’ like it. It’s a constant battle in her mind about whether she likes it or not for that reason.

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  2. Fantasies like this are all over the Cuckold, Femdom, and Humiliation websites and in books devoted to this kink/fetish. Of course he’s into it…that why he called to talk about it. While some couples live out elements of this fantasy in real life, given the extreme nature of this “confession” I’m sure it is just a fantasy that he would like to live and totally got off sharing it with you.

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